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Sous vide cooking

Arlene Thayer

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Hello All,

There was a terrific sale on sous vide machines on Black Friday so I bought one. I'd been burning to buy one for a long time. It came and over the last week, I've cooked in it three times. I'm really disappointed. The meat is not coming out great, at all! At best, it's ok. What am I missing? I see the reviews on Amazon for the machine and people love the results...I can send it back to get a refund, but I don't want to act too hastily.

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I have used sous vide with great success, but like any cooking technique, it's just on more tool in your tool belt and must be done properly to archive great results.... No different than sauté,roast,braise.....

Let me know what you are trying to make and I will give you some pointers....

Rules of thumb.... Really marinate your protein with strong aromatics wile under vacuum to again great flavor and use top quality oils.

Slow even cooking in the recirculator will leave your food with a very even almost mushy texture..... Contrasted to sauté that gives a crunchy crust and juicy center..... A great sous vide technique is to marinate/ oil poach your meat/ chicken/fish in the sous vide recirculator and then finish it in a blazing hot non stick sauté pan to get a nice caramelized crunch...crust on the outside for contrasting texture or flavor....

Otherwise everything you make will have the texture of poached fish....

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