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So, I did a Whole30 and dragged the McHubs into it with me (for an almost Whole30, because of nightshift) and I had some interesting results. 

Bear with me, this is a little long.

I previously had some food allergen testing done in August 2016 - and dairy (the love of my life) was marked as a pretty high irritant (cow’s milk, specifically - followed by 3 types of cheese and malt). 4 grains, gluten, peanuts, yogurt, and chicken were also listed as irritants. So when I decided to go Whole30, I was already armed with some background info.

Guys, no cheese and no wine - no alcohol at ALL- was hard. Label reading was not too much of a challenge, and the cooking was - dare I say it - more fun than I expected, even with McHub’s and I’s busy schedule.

Here is a list of what I noticed on my Whole30 before I got down to the brass tacks … taken from a long list. I noticed the following - 

Undereye circles marginally better - at least in my opinion.

Wedding ring fitting better - more comfortable.

Less bloating after eating.

Better GI stuff.

Better seasonal allergies.

Less anxious.

Feeling in control of food.

Fewer carb cravings.

Better food relationships/improved disordered habits with food.

I listen to my body more.

More nutrition in my meals.

Better understanding of cravings vs. hunger.

Fewer ADHD symptoms.

Sounder sleep.

No 2pm crash at work.

Changed tastebuds - I can tell if diet soda is real or diet again!


The tape measure gave some odd results - I added inches in some areas and lost inches in others, which may be why clothes were fitting differently. I lost .2% body fat, which is nothing, and the scale did NOT show the work I put in on food this month - I lost around a pound.

Frankly, I was pissed off.

I completely committed to eating healthy, avoiding allergens, and eating ‘clean’ for a month, following the rules to a T, and nothing happened on the scale or the tape measure that I can’t explain away with normal body deviations. Especially as this is the longest I’ve gone without binging/emotional eating in a while.  I ate well, I didn’t fight with my body about portions, and I got balanced amounts of fresh veggies and protein. I won’t say this month was a waste - but I will say that I am terribly disappointed in my results.

McHubs raised the point that while I don’t like my weight where it is, I typically don’t eat junk, and I cut out a lot of unnecessary carbs/grains/etc on a regular basis. Due to this, I have fewer things that I removed from my diet, which may be why I didn’t notice a drastic change in my body. I also haven’t been exercising, which would have likely had an effect. 

I still am kinda pissed off.

#whole30 #beforeandafter #mixedfeelings #healthyeating #frustrated

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I've been there before. Super frustrating.  My second whole30 - hubs went from 220-->195 in 30 days.  I lost 2 lbs.  But if I continue for 2-4 weeks more then I start to see body comp changes (this has happened x 2 now).  But your NSV sound great!  I hope those mean something to you :)

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First off, congrats on finishing! You did so great! I am not an expert, but from reading about changing lifestyles sometimes it takes a bit longer for the body to "calm down" from binging etc, and it takes its time before letting go of the weight. Just keep at it you're doing great! Putting time limits on our bodies may stress us out, therefore slowing progress. Know you are eating healthy, nutritious food, feel better, and focus less on the weight, at least for now. Good luck!

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Hi Sara,


I'm scared that i'm going to have a similar experience to you - i've done two whole30's and although i've had positive NSV - i've only ever lost a pound or two. i'm on day 3 of another Whole30 and this time i'm checking my portion sizes as i wonder if to stop getting hungry between meals i've over eaten, anyway, just wanted to say i completely understand your feelings over this. and i know this isn't billed as a weigh loss program but i need to lose weigh and i hope this system will help me achieve it. 

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I totally understand your frustration. I really wish the best for you on your journey and hope with time you will get the additional benefits you are looking for from improving your relationship with food. I have told myself that if I find myself in your situation that I will try to remember that this is a marathon and not a sprint. It may take a little additional time to reach all the goals that I set out for myself. It is very hard for me to believe that after these changes there won't be some tangible physical results.

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