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Not even popcorn...


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I'm new to Whole30, been doing perfect my first 5 days and then went to the movie with my wife and gave into my favorite...not red vines, not a Snickers bar, not even a sip of sugary soda...but a couple of handfuls of popcorn, ( I know, really?). The result was an almost immediate sick feeling, followed by abdominal aches, and a quick-step to the bathroom. After only 5 days of eating right, and staying focused and committed, some popcorn showed me why I need to stay on his diet. Additionally my workout this am was flat, and although I was determined to 'work out the bad' my energy level was sapped.

I'm back on track, just made a great tasting veg and egg frittata for the whole family and already feel more energized. Thanks to the authors and contributors for the info and the daily updates. For the first time I feel like I am not on a diet but getting the benefits of one.

Epiqsession. Logan, Utah

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