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Great W30 compliant lunch wrappers

Jo Ferris

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A great easy alternative to the very expensive Pure Wraps.

Egg wraps:

5 eggs

1/2 c almond meal

1 tsp salt

Whisk ingredients together and pour a small amount into the bottom of a heated, buttered pan. You may have to whirl it around so it spreads out and gets thin - if not, you'll have a pancake. When edges brown, give it a flip very gently. You could probably use a crepe maker as well.

the recipe makes about 3 large wraps or 4 medium or 5 small... I just used a flat ended wooden spoon to gently spread the batter out and flipped them after about 45 seconds in a medium-low heated pan.

Make them the night before and a tuna or chicken salad ... just wouldn't wrap them the night before... just bring a fork or something with you so you can make the wraps right as you eat them. or I'm afraid they will fall apart.

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