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Hi! I'm, Laura. Starting 11/1/17!


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This isn't my first Whole30, but I've tried several times this year and never stuck to it. I feel a lot more motivated going into this month. 

Over the past 4.5 years I have lost over 100 lbs. At one point I had lost 140lbs, but I've gained back 30lbs over the past 18 months. I know I've gained muscle and I'm fitter than I've ever been, but the scale still messes with me. I struggle to stay on track and not let one slip make me completely give up. I easily forget how much happier I am when I'm taking care of myself. I need to utilize the forums more because I know I do better when I'm around others who are fighting the same fight.

My plan for the day...

M1 Eggs cooked in bacon fat

M2 Chicken Breast, Hard Boiled Egg, Carrots/Green Beans cooked in Coconut Oil, Avocado

M3 Ground Chicken, Broccoli cooked in ghee, Avocado

Pre-workout Cashew Milk with Collagen Protein

Today I plan to go for a run after work and I may also go to the gym. I believe going into this Whole30 I eat clean enough that I won't see a huge energy lag. 


Goals for this Whole30...

Eliminate caffeine (including decaf coffee, but I will allow green tea and herbal tea).

Prioritize sleep.

Run 3 days/week.

Journal how I'm feeling throughout the Whole30. Not just physically, but mentally as well.


Good luck, everybody! We got this!


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You’ve got this Laura, thanks for the pre workout tip. I never thought of using my collagen with cashew milk, is there a brand of cashew you recommend? I’ve been stuck on coconut milk, sand a change would be nice.

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I drink the Silk Unsweetened Cashew Milk. I saw a post on here recently that said it was compliant! I don't feel it's that good of a pre-workout, though. I think it would be better as a post-workout. I think it is fantastic tasting, though. I haven't drank much cow's milk in the past 4 years, so this does the trick for me.

Thank you for your support!

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Day 1 complete successfully. I'm sure people will scold me, but I just can't go without weighing regularly. I have jumped around trying with different frequencies, but I seriously lose myself if I don't have that feedback. If I weigh once a week, I will struggle very hard the day after I weigh. I know i have another 6-7 days until I weigh again to get back on track. I've done DietBet's in the past and I found that I did this with them as well. Once I had a weight submitted, I would end up eating terrible for the next day or so and then get back on track.

I hope to one day feel strong enough in my Food Freedom Forever to be able to go weeks or months without weighing and still stay in control, but I'm not there yet. 

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Sounds like you  are staying strong.  How did today go?  I am starting my second round today.  Day 1 was a success.   I don't like the scale so I can leave it behind for 30 days... i do like seeing the results at the end.  I miss good sleep and feeling energetic the most since my last whole 30.  I am thinking i will do it this time for 45 days.  Coffee?  I can't li e without it...and I use whole 30 approved nutpods or Califa farms in it with some whole 30 approved vanilla collagen peptide coffee creamer.  

I hope your weekend goes well!

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