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HELP: Whole30 Lifestyle


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Hi,  I have been following the Whole30 since January with some days (since June)  of allowing foods I decide are 'worth it' in between (as presented in Food Freedom Forever). I am still feeling great and in addition to all the Whole30 benefits I have lost 55 lbs.

My problem is that I just intentionally started a Whole30 reset on November 1st and today, November 2, I decided that 2 chocolate Kisses were 'worth it'.  Hmmm-confusing ...I am not sure if I should restart my full Whole30 reset  again or just continue as if I am "a post Whole30" person.   

Please advise.


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I may be confused, but it sounds like you did a W30, then were "riding your bike" and eating whole30-is, and now you've decided to do another W30 for November (which btw, is exactly the same boat I'm in :) ).

As you know, W30 is a strict set of guidelines. There's no deciding something non-compliant is worth it during a W30.  Ask yourself why you decided to do a "Whole 30 reset" - because if you had decided to do a W30 again there's probably good reasons for it! Maybe it's because worth it items are slipping in more and more? Or other things I can't possibly imagine. There's a whole bunch of articles on the site about doing a Round 2 that are helpful to read (or at least were for me) - I'm sure a mod will come along and post them for you. Here's one of them (and there are links in that one that are good too): https://whole30.com/2015/02/second-whole30/

My 2 cents is to start over. If I decided to do another W30 and then on day 2 decided to eat chocolate, for me, I'd know I really needed that second round. 


Good luck!

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