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Ate 2 eggs, 3 slices bacon....hungry!!


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36 minutes ago, HMH said:

So I started this plan 3 days ago! Going pretty well, but I'm going to bed hungry, no late night eating ideas that aren't heavy. I ate breakfast at 8am, it's 10 am and my stomach is growling!! 

Eat more! You shouldn't be hungry. Add veggies and fats to all of your meals and bump up the portions if you're getting hungry in under 4-5 hours.

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21 minutes ago, HMH said:

Ok, tx. I'm used to protein smoothies, don't like eating so heavy so early at 7:30. Getting gag reflex on the eggs. Could I add a compliant ingredient smoothie?

You'd be better off not doing so.  Not wanting to eat savory food in the am is directly related to your hormones (cortisol and leptin) being out of balance... your best bet is to make a template meal, eat from it as much as you can within an hour of waking and then if you can't finish because you feel physically unable, wrap it up and take it with you and eat from it again as soon as you feel like you can keep it down... 

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