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And If I over - eat?


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Hey there!

Everything was going well....

I went to the gym and was feeeling weak, but ok.... It's day 3....

I confess i Felt Very anxious about not performing well...

And i also have some stuff on my mind...

Got home... Had some eggs and coconut... Read the book: ooops... I had fat, not carbs 

Then... Basically binging,  i Sat and had nuts and sultunas, which are compliant... 

But It was a Lot.

It was not hunger... 

It was binging.

After years of binge eating, w30 is the first step i'm taking to good freeedom.

So, in this case... What should i do?

Feel good? Bad? Start over? Move on?





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Hi Leonora!

I would just move on. Don't dwell on it. No need to start over, the food you had was compliant. Maybe others will have more to advise :) 

Don't think of it as "bad" or "good". Just think you want to fuel your body well. You're making good choices for yourself from now on. That is what Whole30 is all about. 

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While I've never been diagnosed or thought of myself as a binge eater, pre W30, I'd eat between meals out of stress or boredom.  At day 16, W30, so far, has helped me change that.  Eating on this plan has helped me to curb my between meals appetite and eliminate spur of the moment snack purchases.  In a case of years of binge eating, the disorder may require professional assistance to address.  At least bingeing on healthy food is a step in the right direction.

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