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Agree with the sweet potatoes, bake a huge batch and don't restrict yourself. When I'm not doing whole 30, I eat 85% dark chocolate with meals as my fat source. It's awesome and helps the mood. Also, take a little time for yourself to get a funny netflix movie to make you laugh. Wear yoga pants :)

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Nothing came up.

I know there is a work around for the 3 letter issue. If I figure it out, I will let you know. I would just go through the "ladies only" area and browse. You can click the "follow this thread" button and you will be notified of any new posts.

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When I'm dealing with PMS:

1) I notify my close friends and family about it and that and I'll probably require some time alone. I usually don't make plans with people the week before my period at all, using the time to catch up on solitary activities.

2) I like the starchy carb advice from Derval, Robin, and Flynn; eat as much as you like. I like to follow the advice in the book Potatoes NOT Prozac and eat a sweet potato exactly 3 hours after dinner. Apparently, your body takes a while to break down the protein from the meat and 3 hours is the perfect time to eat starchy carbs in order to unlock the tryptophan! If you do this, you WILL feel amazingly relaxed. It feels like it should be illegal. Yay, natural highs! (Disclaimer: the author says not to eat protein with the evening sweet potato or it won't work. Just eat this potato with fat and seasonings).

3) I like to spice things with cocoa powder to get some feel-good chocolate in there. Hey, why not put some on your evening sweet potato with some cinnamon and coconut oil?!

4) Stay hydrated. Most herbal teas for PMS are relaxing.

5) Be patient. Sometimes PMS just sucks. Whatever it was that made it really bad this time is probably a chain reaction from stuff that happened weeks prior (stuff you ate or drank or stress). Also, If you snap at someone, remember it's hormonal and be kind to yourself about it. Take some deep breaths. "This, too, will pass."

6) Epsom salts baths!

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