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Day 3 :-)


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Hello going for all over health at the age of 52.  I have done pretty well eating wise and do hike dog a lot. But things like wine, sweets and stress make losing weight hard. I can do the calorie count and keep them low and not lose a pound. I am hoping for a change to my metabolism. Additionally this year I had to start taking allergy shots as I broke out in hives from neck to ankles for 2 months. 

I bought book two weeks ago and planned a start date that coincided with me being home for 4 weeks straight. My first day I was still traveling but did well. My first Friday night post stressful work week was tough as that glass of wine is always calling me. I settled for a Kombucha instead. 

My mind is made up to do this. There is no try...just do.  I am prepared for some of the bad stuff but I am hoping to get through with a mindset of I can do this. 

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