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recipe for duck?


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Does anyone have a fabulous but easy recipe for duck? My sons want duck for Christmas Eve. I've never cooked it before, so tips are welcome in addition to recipes.

My husband and I will be off the Whole30 by then, but all that means in our household is that we might use butter if I've been slow on making ghee...


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Ooh, we love duck! The first time I cooked it, I used Alton Brown's recipe as a template:


I think I used orange juice with nothing added instead of pineapple/orange, and used a cast iron skillet. It turned out great AND I rendered a bunch of yummy duck fat to use in other recipes!

It isn't that much different from cooking a chicken...just don't be afraid of color, and get that skin gloriously crispy!

Think I used kale instead of chard, but seriously, any green cooked in duck fat and shallots and finished with vinegar is going to be insane. Jealous just thinking about your meal! My kids want summer sausage for Christmas Eve. Sigh

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