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Samalope's First Whole30 Log


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Friday Dec 1 - Day 27

Breakfast/Lunch - bacon, eggs, banana. Apple later for a snack.

Dinner - Went to Buffalo Wild Wings for my Dad's birthday and got naked tenders and a house salad with lemon wedges on the side to season it with. My mom was thoughtful enough to get a veggie boat (celery and carrots) as an appetizer for me while everyone had chips and dip. It was a fun evening. 

I still was really sick and stayed home from work and slept in because I was up all night coughing 

Saturday Dec 2 - Day 28 

Breakfast/Lunch - bacon and sausage, egg, and hash browns 

Dinner - steak, broccoli and baked potato 

Another sleepless night due to coughing. I have been taking different OTC medicine and nothing has helped so today (Sunday) I finally checked in with a doctor and got something strong so hopefully that helps. 

I am almost "done" with Whole30 but this cold through me for a loop and I did end up having cough syrup that didn't even help. Anyway I am kind of sad that I had something sugary, even though it was just medicine. 

For reintroduction I already have Thai food on the list next Friday when I reintroduce non-gluten grains :) 

Can't believe this is almost over! But just the beginning :) 


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Sunday Dec 3 - Day 29

Breakfast/Lunch - bacon and sausage, egg, green beans, hashbrowns and banana

Dinner - 3 eggs and hefty portion of green beans

Meds didn't help me sleep last night, came into work today even though I got like 3-4 hours of sleep in between coughing fits. I think it is bronchitis but the doctor just prescribed me medicine over the phone but it sounds like she's trying to treat bronchitis. Hopefully today the meds kick in.

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Monday Dec 4 - Day 30 

Breakfast - Sausage, bacon, green beans 

Lunch - I ran out of food so  I ended up having eggs and sausage and green beans for lunch again

Dinner-  Red Thai curry with lots of veggies and chicken. A great way to "end" my Whole30

I am actually continuing on with my Whole30 because I am sick and want to be able to really listen to my body before doing reintroduction, so I will probably continue for a few more days.

Click here to see my Whole30 results



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Tuesday Dec 5 - Day 31

Breakfast/Lunch - Sausage, eggs, and green beans

Dinner - Leftover Thai curry and an orange

Still feeling sick, I stayed home from work and slept until noon. Or at least tried to sleep. Blech! Please body heal yourself!!!


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Wednesday Day Dec 6 - Day 32

Breakfast - Sausage, eggs, hasbrowns

Lunch - 2 Applegate Uncured All Beef Hot Dogs, green beans and an orange

Dinner- 1 Applegate Uncured All Beef Hot Dog, egg, hashbrowns and broccoli

Broccoli with a runny egg on top is delicious.

Still have a bad cough, not sure if it is getting better or not. Hopefully soon.

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I have decided to do another round of Whole30 now that holidays are over. I have only gained back 2lbs from holiday eating, but for the most part the first Whole30 reset has really opened my eyes to some things. Like candy bars and pop make me feel sick and head achey. I didn't do a proper reintroduction, but I still would like to. I am proud to say I have only had pop a few times and have had zero energy drinks (and zero cravings for them). Desserts, however, are a different story lol. My sugar dragon loves her some sweets.

I am really motivated to do another round because I have 2 friends who are joining me after hearing me rave about how great the first round was. So we are all doing this together! Also, I am excited to do this having all the KNOWLEDGE I have from October's reset. I am looking forward to keeping to a strict budget (last time I spent 3x the amount on groceries! YIKES!!!). Also just knowing a bunch of recipes I already like, and knowing when something sounds just a little too ambitious.

I have an anime convention coming up on the 25th(yes I am a nerd!), so I may cut the Whole30 short for that, or I may try to package on-the-go meals. I will have to plan ahead.


Round 2 -  Day 1 - January 1

Breakfast/Lunch - Bacon, eggs, hash browns and green beans

Dinner - Instant Pot Beef Stew- beef, lots of carrots, celery, potatoes, tomato juice my dad handmade, and lots of salt and pepper and paprika. Also an all beef hot dog later cause I was hungry lol


Round 2 - Day 2

Breakfast - Bacon, hash browns, and green beans, and a banana

Lunch and Dinner - Leftover beef stew, 2 clementines and apple

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Round 2 - Day 3

Breakfast - 2 pieces of bacon, 2 eggs, sauteed broccoli and hash browns, black coffee

Lunch - Leftover beef stew

Planned Dinner - Thai Curry (adding Chicken) https://myheartbeets.com/thai-red-vegetable-curry/

Yesterday I ended up not eating leftover beef stew and had a little "power bowl" of carrots, broccoli and hashbrowns topped with a sliced Applegate all beef hot dog.
I also snacked too much on fruit I think, I was feeling pretty hungry. Today at work I have been able to focus better than yesterday also. SO hopefully the hangover is over!

I also was looking at ideas for "power bowls" and found this great resource: http://www.realfoodwithdana.com/build-a-whole30-power-bowl/



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Round 2 - Day 4

Breakfast - 2 pieces of bacon, 2 eggs, sauteed broccoli and hash browns, 2 clementines and black coffee

Planned Lunch- Leftover Thai Curry, apple

Planned Dinner - chicken and veggies, probably in the form of a "power bowl"

Yesterday I made Thai Curry chicken and added pineapple juice to cut the spiciness and it turned out fantastic! I changed the recipe also by adding "Fish sauce" which was actually just a mix of coconut aminos and anchovy paste (which I didn't realize was a thing before whole30). I also made in in our new instant pot. I am excited to have it today for lunch.

Last night I had a terrible headache, I don't know if it was from something in the Thai curry or not, but we will see how I feel when I eat it again for lunch.


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Round 2 - Day 5

Breakfast - 3 pieces of bacon, not very many baby carrots, and a banana. I was running late and couldn't get enough in!

Lunch - 2 All Beef Hotdogs, lots of carrots and green beans. A pickle because why not.

Snack - an orange

Planned Dinner - Salmon and veggies. Still need to find a good recipe for salmon, usually just good with some olive oil and salt and pepper.


It feels like things have been going pretty smoothly. I have a few recipes that my friends have tried out that I'd really like to use.

Next week I'd like to make tuna cakes and also vegetable noodles with meatballs and marinara sauce.


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Round 2 Days 6-8

Basically had baby link sausage, some sort of veggie and hashbrowns in coconut oil every morning for breakfast/lunch.

Saturday I ate out and had steak, a baked potato and steamed green beans.

Sunday I made chicken sausage and really did not like it. I ate most of it to get my protein in but it just wasn't as good as I remembered. I had a steam fresh bag of veggies with it.

Monday for lunch I had eggs, hashbrowns and steamed carrots. For dinner I tried my hand at making some homemade meatballs with some spiral cut sweet potatoes as "noodles" and marinara sauce. The spiral cut sweet potatoes were very vinegary and didn't taste great, I think I was hoping they'd be more like pasta! Ha! I had a couple of apples that day, too.

Saturday I woke up with really bad back pain! You know what is funny? The same thing happened my first Round, almost the same day! I am wondering why this is happening. I haven't been standing as much as I was the first round (cooking, cleaning).

Yesterday I had a really bad headache and slept most of the afternoon. Thankfully work was cancelled because of snow so I didn't have to work through that.

I've been really struggling with stay on track this time around, I have thought about quitting a lot more than last time. But knowing I have friends who are trying to do this with me has been very encouraging, and has kept me in it.

I had a dream that I ate a biscuit at Bob Evan's absentmindedly and then started to freak out when I realized I wasn't able to eat that! Gah!



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