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I must be crazy to start this a month before x-mas

Amber Pokorny

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ok so I am a week in as of today and talk about testing me willpower ... my family and soon to be husband I'm sure thing I am crazy and they don't think I can do it being x-mas is coming up soon. As for me so far I can see changes already and my brain fog that I have had all this bast week is gone now thank god.

I don't now how to deal with the family that I live with that eat so unhealthy all the time and rub it in my face when they eat candy or stuff I can't have.. I just look away and say thanks for the help ... they don't now how hard it is to wanted some thing you should have.. I have always be some what of a healthy eater so they just think oh whats she doing now and think I can't make it with out giving in this month with all the party's to come. I would haev to say I did go to a work party at a bar/grill this last weekend and oh it was hard to say no to a drink or two , so for me just water and when ever one order starters .. I order my meal steak and veg's.. yes to them I was the silly one at the party and had to tell them what I was up to when they seen I was eating dinner and not the fatty stuff they were... I would have to say if you care and love your say you can say No to anything and walk away knowing it's for the best.

I know my body and mind will thank me this month of not eatting all the cookies and other foods out there that will come my way this month.

Wish I could get my family to understand and maybe support me .. the help would be nice.. quess that's why I i'm here..

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Welcome! I'm day 14 into my 30. So, my W30 will end two days after Xmas. Don't sweat it. Just think at the time when people are at their most unhealthy, you're getting your body in synch and healed.

I have a few people that do the same to me. I say, that's okay for them. While this may seem tough, it's just one Christmas! There have been several and there will be others.

This one you decided to give yourself a gift. I think it's a great thing AND time of year to do that.

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