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LONG day? - Hangry? - Question about a bite to hold you off until meal time.

Jo Ferris

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no I did not misspell that! HANGRY! where you've gotten so hungry you are short tempered... hangry

so today, I had a good breakfast and knew I was going to be gone all day so I made extra breakfast to take with me to eat for lunch.

By the time we arrived at our destination i was hungry so I ate my "lunch" early

Then the kids needed a meal so we went to the mall ... i was sure I would be able to find something to eat... Nope. So the kids ate and I just had water.

I wasn't tempted by the food court at all... it all smelled horrible but the kids were happy so... whatever, it's not like we eat out more than once a month, if that even.

ANYWAY, fast forward 6.5 hours. after a long day of shopping and I need something to EAT ... like NOW.

but any meal is about 45 min out, the fire needs to be started, it's freezing in here...

In a case like this, is there an acceptable "hold over" snack or something? or does everything have to be a meal with protein, starchy veg and other veg?

I ate 1/2 an avocado with salt and pepper cause I couldn't function without putting something in my tummy.

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While I try to avoid such situations, I would have chosen an avocado too. Sometimes s#!t happens and you just need to do what you have to do to get through it. I'd hate to see you gnaw someones arm off.

Things I keep in my fridge at all times. Steam sauteed veggies...Napa cabbage and spag squash are two of my favorites. Tuna salad and egg salad. Cold Napa cabbage is great with coconut aminos. No cooking necessary.<br /><br />

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Thanks for all the ideas! it really is a HUGE shift in thinking to eat like this in every situation and I'm bad at planning at the best of times.

i could have had a can of tuna, or oysters... just didn't even think of it.

I love sardines, i should stock up on those too.

I usually have boiled eggs on hand but... lo and behold, the snack monster (my 11 yo boy) ate those up :) I don't mind really, I just couldn't think .

k, so I need to think further ahead here, and I need to prep even more than I thought.

I've pretty much avoided hard situations like these most of my 25 days so far... but I guess if it is a permanent thing it will have to spill out into my lifestyle more now.

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I keep a Primal Pac in my purse at all times...grass fed beef jerky, mango, macadamia nuts. I don't eat them often, but if it's a choice between that an killing somebody, Primal Pac wins!

Omg I am so ordering these!!!!!

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A handful of raw almonds is my go-to when I'm hangry. BUT, I don't have issues with raw nuts and can eat just two and be fine (my handful is more than 2, I'm just sayin'). I have a friend who finds nuts to be a trigger food, so she can't even have one... You'll have to figure out where in the spectrum you fit.

I almost always have cold chicken in the fridge too, but a small handful of nuts can be thrown in a jacket pocket just like they are and that's priceless when the dogs are going crazy to be taken out immediately. ;)

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