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Starting today for the first time - 9th November

Keyur Sorathia

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Read all of these. I just started for the first time on the 1st. You can do this. My advise is to go with simple meals. Basically cooking up a meat and surrounding it with veggies. During the work week I have found eggs are the quickest and easiest to make. How about you? Any breakfast plans you have found to be good? This morning I made a Warm Pumpkin Bowl recipe I found online. Alone it called out for sweetener, but once I topped it with blueberries, natural coconut, and almonds it tasted delicious and was filling! (Recipe came for Jennyonthespot.com) 

One thing for sure is grocery shopping sure seems simpler as I spend a lot of time in produce, meat, and then a little in condiments, nut, and tomato sauce isles. Oh yes! And of course EGGS! I am blessed that I work with a woman who raises chickens for eggs, so I buy her fresh eggs. If you have a source of fresh eggs take the opportunity to try them.

This is day 11 for me and I have been amazed to have a consistent amount of energy stay with me through out the day. As a teacher I have always had the tendency to drag at the end of the day. Once the students are gone and I am left to plan I am in slow motion. This was the biggest surprise for me, to feel this difference.

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