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Kasia L

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Hi there :)

I am a Canadian studying abroad in Poland. I have done the Whole30 once before and now have started my second time. Pretty exciting! Shipping is pretty expensive form the UK, Canada, or the States, and am having a hard time finding Whole30 compliant emergency items. I could order them and bring them with me from Canada, but would love to avoid the luggage weight and discover some new products in Poland. 

I found this protein bar at Rossman called "Superfood Raw Bar".  http://purellafood.pl/produkt/surowe-kakao-orzechy-nerkowca/
Ingredients: dates, cranberry 12%, raw cocoa 10%, sunflower seeds, cashew nuts 5%, linseed (flaxseed). 
I hope this is whole30 compliant?

Still looking for a coffee creamer like Nutpod, sold here in Poland. Please let me know if you have any favourites that you purchase here! :) 

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