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Starting 13th November


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I'm planning to start my third round on Monday. I completed my 1st in June and saw great results in terms of improving my PCOS symptoms. I completed my second mid October but was plagued with tiredness the whole way through. Finally found out last week that it's Glandular Fever and after about ten days of eating toast and digestive biscuits I am ready to do what I know is best for my body and eat foods that will help me to heal. Committing to another round so that I won't allow the blues to get the better of me and decide it's ok just to have x, y or z because I'm poorly and tired and defenceless. I've worked so hard at improving my health this year and I am not about to let Glandular Fever steal all of my progress!

Anyone else starting Monday?

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I will start today Nov 13, or I guess I already started since Nov 13 is in full progress here in Sweden. 

It is my first round and I know I will need a lot of on-line support since there are no W30 approved products to find and no short cuts. I also have to omit nuts and almonds. But I hope it will be great. 

Here we go :)



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