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I just started and I feel like I am going to crash (holiday office party)


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I am on Day 3 of my first Whole30 and I am feeling pretty good. I am loving the food I am eating and am really looking forward to how I am going to feel later, once the first two weeks are done.

However, there is a brick wall in my path that seems insurmountable: my office's holiday party. It is on Monday, which would be Day 8, and is at an Italian restaurant. I just got an email asking for my food choice for the evening (it is a sit-down dinner) and I know if I abstain from food completely, I will risk offending my boss, who is amazingly generous and wonderful. I am trying to decide between the entree options. Can you guys help me pick? I have put my comments in blue italics.

  • Shared appetizers at the table (if olives and nuts, yes, if other things on crackers or with cheese, no)
  • followed by individual salads (either mixed greens or mixed greens with gorgonzola and walnuts) would get the mixed greens and use olive oil and balsamic, salt, and pepper.

Entree options:

  • Pasta with mushrooms Hmmm. All pasta. Guessing this is a NO as well
  • Rockfish with a side of pasta Maybe this? I have asked if they can substitute some steamed veggies for the pasta, but I haven't heard back yet.
  • Chicken piccata with a side of pasta i looked this up online and it is made with flour, so this is a no-go

  • Shared desserts at the table will follow (this is probably a no unless it is fresh fruit)
  • Gluten free pasta is available

So, what do you think?

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I'll tell you what I've told countless people on various food/diet boards: people don't really care what you eat, as long as you don't mess with THEIR food! Eat before you go, make the best choices you can, and push the food around on your plate if in doubt. You can also offer to share..."try a bite of this, so yummy" and share away some food, too. When dessert comes, get black coffee or tea and sip.

I love what someone else here wrote about turning down offered food-say "it just doesn't agree with me and I don't want to spoil everyone's good time by being ill". Who could argue with that?

Looking forward to some veterans answers!

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If you think you can go; and not cave; then by all means go...call ahead and talk to the restaraunt. Tell them you are allergic...no balsamic (sulfites); gluten, dairy, or wheat can touch your plate...only meat, veggies (no white potatoes) and olive oil...ask for cauliflower with your meat...or have eggplant parm...minus the parm & pasta. Gluten free pasta will not work for you. Tell yourself you are allergic...tell yourself you can do this...think about your 'why'...talk to the restaraunt; and make a decision based on what they are able to do for you.

If you think you will cave in; and have something non compliant; or that you will be miserable...then don't go...take a 1/2 day off...tell your boss you cannot make it...do whatever it takes in order for you to feel successful. If it's important enough; then you'll find a way. :)

I made it through my company luncheon today...same way...

  • Asked ahead of time what would be there so I could make a plan (the lady I asked actually said told the restaraunt "I have a lady here who is allergic to EVERYTHING"
  • Took the croutons and cranberries out of my salad...and had mixed greens with 1/4 tbs nuts...lemon juice (from the lemons for the water sitting on the table) and salt and pepper.
  • Had the chicken entree...and the green beans (with minimal bacon) and pearl onions...and left the fingerling potatoes (that purple one was calling my name...but I DID NOT CAVE)
  • Gave my pumpkin pie to my co-worker friend...and ended up trading my croutons for someone else's green beans (lol...at a sit-down dinner...it was very cute) haha
  • AND all the choices led to a discussion about weight loss...and fitness...and actually got me even more motivated to stay on track!

Good Luck; and keep us posted!

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I just found out yesterday at work that the chef has agreed to substitute the pasta that comes with my fish for steamed vegetables! Yay! And heathera, I didn't know that about balsamic. Thanks! I haven't had any yet since starting my Whole30, so I will stay away from it. I will use olive oil, lemon juice (if there are any lemon wedges on the table for water), salt, and pepper as my dressing.

I am actually looking forward to the dinner now. Getting kind of excited!

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