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2nd W30 starting 16/12


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I went through my first W30 in October and here I am, a month after finishing reintroduction, trying to get back to feeling as good as I did during the W30.

In this past month it was hard for me to eat enough during the day, and really easy to overindulge when it came to nuts and fruit, or even 'paleo' sweets.

This time My husband is going to do it with me. Maybe not as strict (he likes the buns I make from almond butter) but he's going to try a month of elimination! His diet is much better in the last few weeks, eating almost only what I cook, than it was before.

This time it's going to be- W30 + no nuts + less fruit + less starch, and I'll log food, sleep and exercise just like I did last time, I really found it helpful. :)

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