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Getting my life on track with a partner or two...

Ari B

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Hi Everyone,

I started my whole30 yesterday with my sis Alex (al3xBH) & my boyfriend.. I've eaten Paleo before and even joined a challenge with the CF I go to, & I lost a good amount of weight but fell off the wagon and gained it back. :( I want to loose 80lbs but for now my goal is 20lbs. Taking it one step at a time. The most important thing is to be healthy. My sis & I are cooking ahead of time for the week, I'm helping her out and pushing her while she also pushes me to keep going. It's great to have that motivation so close! I also have my boyfriend pushing me and motivating me from a distance... He is out of town in Med school and I won't see him for 6 weeks, so I want to surprise him with my progress by the time he gets back. Between the whole30 & then continuing the Paleo path along with exercising, I should be close to the 20lb goal before he gets back. At least that's the plan! He's really concerned about my health (so am I) being that I have a few things in my genes like heart attacks, cancer, & diabetes. So I really need to get myself on track and change my eating habits, along with loosing weight and getting healthy. It is now almost the end of day 2 and I already

feel like I have a lot more energy during the day, this feeling is GREAT!!

Thanx for all your support in advance! This blog/forum will be a big help!!

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It's the morning of day 4... I am doing good food wise, but i'm super tired. I have energy but since i decided to also get back into exercise at the same time, I think its kicking my behind. The first 2 days I felt great, day 3 I felt a little weird, slightly winded (not sure why). I went ahead and worked out yesterday anyways but I couldn't push myself. I did horrible on my workout. I am finding myself in a bit of a bad mood. Not really taking it out on anyone (thank goodness) but I just feel in a bad mood. I'm thinking its the sugar and carbs I am keeping away from. :angry: I hope my bad mood goes away soon. Not to mention its raining a lot and someone broke my umbrella and I just found out this morning when i went to use it to get into the building from my car. Yup, i'm not a happy camper today.

I was craving chocolate yesterday.. :(

Although i'm in a bad mood i'm keeping strong, I just needed to vent..

Thanx to anyone who reads! :wacko:

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Hi Ari B -

I had a similar experience last week with the bad mood thing. I mean I totally woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I very much dislike being like that, and like you, was very cognizant NOT to take it out on anyone. One of the most awesome discoveries for me about eating so clean is that my moods are WAY more stable. I am more calm and relaxed and not as moody.

If it makes you feel any better, I walked quite a distance in the pouring rain without my umbrella. I left it at my desk and by the time I got to my car I was soaking wet. But even that didn't get me as annoyed as it might have in the past.

I can totally appreciate the need to vent. I think I have done it a few times on here too! :)

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