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Hmm. Maybe next time it's in use we can try it. Thanks for the heads up - I had no idea...seems like it might be strange, interesting...and, hey, if all else fails, we can hop into the shower to *ahem* keep things clean, so to speak...


My mind is kind of blown right now. Off to ponder.

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Added bonus: you can save and dilute the fluid to feed your house plants! They love it.

I've had my Diva Cup for 16 years and I love it.  You can clean it by just boiling it in plain water for a few minutes too.


But what a great idea Moluv - I can't believe I never thought of that!

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For all of you who have experienced discomfort, itching or pain from 'normal' pads or tampons, check this out:


Unsurprisingly, overly processed tampons/pads have a similar effect on our reproductive systems that overly processed foods have on our digestive and immune systems.

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Thanks for the responses. It actually starts out high enough and the stem isn't a problem. The problem is it kinda slides down and out a touch which leads me to believe that I am not getting it properly inserted. I have tried both folding it in half and pushing one side down. I am going to chalk it up to it being only my 3rd day wearing it and that I am still getting used to inserting it. Just wanted to see what others thought. Otherwise I love the darn thing! I know what you mean MrsStick about the tampon ads! I feel much more free that I don't have to remember to bring tampons and that I am not putting all that waste into landfills!

I have the same problem, I've found that when it "falls" it usually means it's full. I always try to make sure that I get it up there good and things work out ok. But I love mine.

I had tried the instead soft cup prior and after a period with it I opted to get the diva. But I have extra that I keep in my purse for emergency situations :) cause there's no way I'll stick a tampon in

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I use a Diva Cup, and used to worry about it moving down too low until I realized that my cervix drops really low during my period - so it should be down there!  Even if, on non-period days when you're presumably getting examined by your doctor, your cervix is high in there, it might drop down further when you're on your period.  It's worth figuring out (I can locate mine with my fingers - it kind of feels like the tip of your nose).


And I'm someone that tampons never worked for - precisely because of the above cervix issue.  I'd insert them properly, but since my cervix drops down, only the bottom half of the tampon would absorb blood, and it would start to leak really fast.  Now with the Diva Cup I can just make sure it's positioned properly and I'm good to go.

ETA: Also, I completely cut the stem off of mine.  Didn't need it and it did occasionally irritate.

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Buy the size 2. That's what they recommend if you are post-30 even with no childbirth. Even without childbirth things change due to gravity and elasticity changing as you age. The Keeper is a different shape/method than the Diva Cup FYI so that may be why it fits the same as you age.

And another BIG vote for the Diva Cup. My only regret is not purchasing one sooner.



I know I'm late to this thread, but I am 39 with no kids, and I bought the Size 2 as recommended. I HATED that thing. It was painful to wear (always), and it was very painful (not to mention messy!) to remove. I swear the Size 2 was too big.


It was such an unpleasant experience overall that I gave up, threw it out, and switched back to tampons.

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I trimmed the tail on my first one but couldn't get it smooth enough to stop bugging me. I have one trimmed one not but end up using both inside out, I think my cervix drops so much it almost pushes it out. I have a psycho heavy cycle that last seven - ten days, hoping eating properly will help sort it out.

I've used the Diva cup camping, love that thing! I've never seen any of the other brands in stores, do you have to buy ithem online?

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After using my Diva cup for 3 months, thought I'd come back to let everyone know that I LOVE it!  Yes, it has it's gross, icky moments, but not that much different from using a tampon!  :P   I still have to use a pad/liner, especially in the beginning (have to empty it every 2 hours...I'm a bleeder!  :lol: ), but it's so nice to not have to carry around tampons!


I do not have an issue with the tip, thankfully!  If I had to cut it off because of irritation, I don't know if I would ever get it out with my short fingers!  LOL!


Definitely worth the purchase!!

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Hello, I just started using a Diva cup a couple of months ago.  I just finished my second period with it.  The first time I really didn't like it to be honest.  I think I may have had it situated wrong or something.  I was also kinda freaked out by seeing how much I was pouring out of the cup.  I guess I don't see it that much using tampons.  This time, I read this thread and I tried again.  I liked it a lot better once I figured out how to insert it more comfortably.  I liked the fact that I didn't get that uncomfortable tampon feeling that I get after wearing tampons all day.  I also felt much cleaner than with tampons and pads.  I can say that I have been converted.  I liked reading about what all of you are going through because it helped motivate me to try again this month so thanks for posting! 

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