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Slaying the sugar dragon: After Action Report


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I am super excited to announce that I have succesfully completed my first Whole30 Whole45 two days ago!!

I started the Whole30 47 days ago expecting essentially weight loss and better control of sugar cravings. What I got is worth so much more! Before, I would crave sugar and chocolate (well, chocolate is pretty much sugar). I would also tend to be lazy and eat take-out food once or twice a week. 3-4 times a week, I would find myself in front on the vending machine at work, $1.50 less in my wallet and a chocolate bar in my hand. Whoa, how did THAT happen?? I'd also crash at around 2-3 PM and having to fight off sleep at work. However, the rest of my health was not bad. I don't have diabetes, low or high blood pressure, no acne, no allergies, decent immune system. Yada yada... I guess you could say I was pretty average. Which I think is exactly why I'm impressed I got so much out of my Whole45.

Without further adue, here's a summary of my results:

  • Lost 11 lbs, from 145 to 134. I don't know how many inches I've lost, but I'm at least one dress size down! I'm pretty sure it shows on my 5'3 frame.
  • No more sugar cravings!! I still love sugar though, and I am learning that my sugar dragon sleeps with one eye open, ready to bounce back full force when thrown a chocolate chip at. I do have better control, and that's pretty big.
  • Constant energy during the day - no more dozing off at 2PM!!
  • No more hungry between meal. Heck, I can even go 9 hours between my meals (excluding when I sleep) if I need to (don't voluntarily do this, though!). Being fat-adapted pretty much rocks.
  • Slightly better sleep. I need to work on my bedtime schedule and stick with it. I will focus on that during my second W30 in January
  • About 80% diminution of cellulite. Oh hey Bikini! Sorry I unfriended you. I hope we can put our differences behind us now that my butt and thighs are looking good. I look forward to seeing you next summer.
  • Overall I look better naked
  • Better relation with my scale. I haven't thrown it away, but I don't weight everyday, and I don't let the number it shows me ruin my day.
  • Kickass immune system (no flu so far and I usually get sick in Nov. or Dec.)

What went well

  • Meal planning: I successfuly planned all of my meals and did not have to eat anything store-bought.
  • Eating at home: my boyfriend was also on the program, so eatng at home was really easy! We hid everything out out our sight before starting and that made the rest really easy.
  • I also started doing hot yoga 3x/week at about day 18.
  • Preparing my lunches the night before.
  • Always having meat and veggies in the fridge.
  • Eating in restaurants. My boyfriend and I knew this would be harder, so we kept restaurants to a minimum. First time (asian resturant...) was very "bleh" because everything was so bland (no cooking oils because all they had was canola, no soy sauce and we had run out of coconut aminos). Then we started bringing our own dressings/viniaigrettes for MUCH more options! I even brought a chicken breast to a restaurant that only served "pre-cooked" chicken (with soy and cornstarch and other stuff...). Yeah, that's right. Not my fault your restaurant can't cook a simple chicken breast, so I'm briging my own.
  • Making condiments: we made mayo, caesar dressing, ranch dressing, blasamic vinaigrette, ketchup, mustard!
  • Learning about fermented foods. I made kombucha and sauerkraut!

What could have gone better

  • On day 3(?) I had a (teeny tiny) bite of a homemade dessert bread that was offered to me. I didn't even want it. I just wanted to be polite. But I was not enough mentally prepared to just say "no thanks". So I exented to a W33, then - what the heck - to a W45. But I learned that I needed to fully respect the choice I made to do W30 and be prepared to say "no thanks, I don't do well with gluten".
  • Work-out. I did some at-home strenght training 1-4x/week (I wasn't very constant) for the first two weeks. I eventually started hot yoga and now I'm much more consistent!
  • Sleep... Oh, sleep... Once I'm asleep, I sleep like a baby. But I NEED to go to bed earlier!! Will also focus on this on my second W30.
  • Fruits for breakfast. Those who read my log probably know what I'm talking about. Pretty much every day until maybe the last week I would eat a handful of fruits topped with canned coconut milk (approx. 60ml), coconut flakes, sliced almonds, and cinnamon. In my defense, I always had a protein (egg, sausage). But, yeah, too much reliance on fruits.

What I will do better in January

  • For my next W30, I will really try to focus on sleep and varying my meals so that I stop relying so much on fruits.
  • Continue to politely decline random food offered to me.
  • Be more consistent with workouts. Add some cardio.

And last but not least...

Secrets to my success

  • Learning to make condiments. Especially mayo. You should make mayo. Right. Now.
  • Having my bf on board. If you can't, at least explain to people close to you why you are doing this and that you need their support.
  • My meat CSA. Every month, I have delicious grass-fed (and finished) meat that's delivered to me. It's nothing new but helped me with my meal planning. They also have sugar-free bacon. It's expensive, but to me, factory-farming meat (aka everything at your regular grocery store) is simply not an option. I consider my $$$ to be my most important way to vote. And I absolutely don't support factory farming. Family-owned, organic, free-range, grass-fed for the win! Meat was a big part of the delicious recipes I made!
  • Carbonated water (I think you guys call this Club Soda. Here in Qc, club Soda is a super sweet "strawberry" flavoured soda, so I prefer saying carbonated water. Whatever.), or how to be able to go out on your whole30 and still have something to drink.
  • It Starts with food. I'm not done reading it yet, but having everything explained in science-based (not just history-based) arguments was really helpful. Also great to explain to people why their doctor's advice is wrong (Note: just because you CAN, doesn't mean you SHOULD. Use caution).
  • Following (on and off) the Paleo lifestyle for about a year. If you're coming from a food pyramid way of eating, I would recommend to start slowly (eliminate grains for a week, then sugar, then go all in)
  • Daily emails!!! Those were a great source of motivation! I learned a lot and clicking "Another Whole30 day in the bank!" helped me keep going when it was harder.
  • Coconut milk and (during the last few days) compliant bacon. Enough said.
  • Unfollowing all non-paleo food boards on Pinterest. Seriously.
  • Last but certainly not least, Well Fed, Nom Nom Paleo, Primal Palate, W30 Pinterest boards, everyone who posted recipes... Overall, Whole30-approved recipes. I'm a beginner at cooking, but pretty badass at following a recipe someone else came up with. So these books/websites/blogs really helped me out!

So yeah...! :D My boyfriend and I have inspired at least 4 people to either change their food habits, or go all in with a Whole30 in January. We're sharing the Good Food word!

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Thanks everyone!!

Keep it up Tori! The finish line is closer than it appears! I hope you'll start feeling amazing soon!!

I didn't post in reintro mostly because I did a botched reintro... When I finished my Whole45, I had lots of Christmas dinners, lunches... so it was hard to stick with the reintro schedule.

I did learn that I'm not really sensitive to dairy except when I also eat grains. I'm guessings grains affect my gut, and when I eat dairy after, well... I'll spare you the details.

Anyway, I'm still doing pretty good, but I notice my sugar dragon is awake. Not as tough, but not dead either. At least I have another W30 planned in January.

I wish everyone fantastic holidays!!

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