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i've been doing great so far. energized and charged through the day, quality sleep, losing inches and lbs, 2 succeessful restaurant outings and all that and i have remained compliant. I even plan to start my 2nd whole30 on the 12/27 or 01/01. BUT, i am having INTENSE night dreams, day dreams, hallucinations and taste memoreis of :

  • Dark Chocolate
  • Three Twins Chocolate Orange Confetti Icecream
  • Three Twins Dad's Cardamon icecream

I know that a piece or three of some super dark chocolate will be the first thing i reintroduce and im worried that i might dive to the bottom of a pint of of the Chocolate Orange Confetti Icecream then suffer from a gut explosion. if you have tried this flavor then you might understand how hard it is to have a small responsible serving.

Im having a horrible desire for some right now, so i figured id write about it.

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