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Bitter taste in my mouth

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I'm on day 24 and this is my 2nd W30 since the summer. While we were eating dinner last night, I couldn't get the bitter taste out of my mouth. We were eating salad with turkey, hb eggs & homemade ranch. Whenever I bit into a tomato it just tasted AWFUL!!! The whole salad just tasted strange. I still have a funny taste in my mouth today. Do y'all think it's my tastebuds adjusting or something else?

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I haven't had pine nuts in years! Here's what I've eaten the past few days:


B: 2 eggs with grassfed ground beef & veggies (spinach, mushrooms, peppers) cooked in the fat from the beef plus half an avocado--coffee with coconut milk

S: clementine orange & pecans

L: leftover turkey & cauli-mash

D: meatza (grassfed beef)


B: same breakfast

S: clementine & pecans--coffee with coconut milk

L: leftover meatza & half avocado

S: hb egg (pre-workout)

D: salad with 1 hb egg, turkey, veggies, homemade ranch.

**You think it could be the beef???

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Yes I made the mayo with light-tasting Bertolli olive oil. That could be it, but it doesnt' explain the tomatoes. Everything tasted FINE and DELICIOUS to my husband. I guess I"m an odd-ball!!! I also had a bad taste to a pack of beef bacon from US Wellness Meats....it tasted like poop. :(


Now I'm noticing sores on either side of my tongue at the back, where my teeth hit my tongue. I didn't bite my tongue anytime recently. I'm going to lay off the nuts for awhile & take some Lysine.

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