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Prepping for January Start


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I love food. But I have a lot of habits surrounding food and eating that I'd like to come to terms with and hopefully heal in time. I'm fully aware that Whole30 is not well suited for some people of certain backgrounds, but I sincerely want to reset--my habits, my metabolism, my expectations.

I have a Start Date of January 2nd so that I can spend the Holidays with my family eating what they eat. I am taking this time in between to prep for success: I've read the books and even preordered the two new ones; my kitchen needed no prepping besides the addition of a few small appliances but my partner's been read in and I've got my cheerleaders, I even joined a Facebook group; and I'm starting to follow the template for my three meals and am working out some portion-size kinks and timing logistics about meal prep and pre- and post work out meals.

My goals: To begin to heal and have a healthy relationship with eating. To not constantly obsess over food and it's effects. To see food more as fuel and less as a vice. To be comfortable in my own body.

My greatest barriers:  I prefer to be quite hungry before I eat; I have trouble with the sensation of being full; I obsess over minutia (this post took me 90 minutes).

My greatest strengths: My determination; the resources I have available to me; my organization.

Thanks for your support and patience on this journey!



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