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Introduction, and looking forward to feeling better!

Elizabeth Anne

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Hi everyone,

My name is Elizabeth, and I'm planning to start my first Whole30 on either January 1st or 2nd. I'm in this so that I can get control of my sugar dragon (I love that ISWF calls it that) and get rid of my chronic heartburn. Anything beyond that will be a welcome bonus, but really for me it's all about the sugar and the 'burn right now.

I've had food allergies for years -- developed an issue with dairy when I was about 12 and an allergy to wheat when I was about 20 -- and finally stopped eating wheat altogether when I was about 25. I've been counting myself lucky for a while now that I live in a time and place where gluten-free products are readily available, but now I'm looking back on that and wondering just how much of a crutch they've become for me, and how much better off I might be without any grain-based products at all. Likewise with dairy products, especially goat cheese. I do love goat cheese, but I don't think it loves me back.

I've also had heartburn for years. I was prescribed a proton pump inhibitor (omeprazole) by my doctor about 5 years ago and stayed on it until a few months ago. I stopped taking it after reading the Primal Blueprint and trying out the PB eating style for a few weeks. That did take care of my heartburn after about 2 weeks while I was compliant, but that was a month or two ago now, and the 'burn is back and as bad as it ever was. Hence my recommitment to eating in a way that I know is better for my body.

I expect that one of my biggest challenges is going to be not having a spoonful of honey along with my cup of tea in the morning. I think I spent most of a week after reading ISWF being peeved at the thought of giving that up. For now, I've got a lot of one-ingredient herbal teas on hand and am hoping that having nettle tea or lemon balm tea or whatever will be different enough from black tea that I won't crave the honey as badly. Right now my goal is to get through any caffeine withdrawal that I might need to get through before starting the Whole30, so that I won't be fighting two battles at once! If you've got suggestions or advice on what worked for you with similar situations, I would love to hear them. :)

Finally -- does anyone else live in Chicago? I think it would be awesome to have a local check-in group in addition to posting on here. I know I do a lot better for accountability when I have a scheduled time and place to go meet with people in person. :)


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In the interest of getting into the habit of keeping a log, I'm starting that now, even though I don't intend to actually begin my Whole30 until January. I figure this food-and-feelings log will help too, since it'll provide a "before" picture. :)

Yesterday's food:


ground beef cooked with bell pepper, cashews, and celery

a handful of celery sticks

some almond butter

roasted veg (red peppers and portobella mushrooms)

herbal tea


turkey gumbo (noncompliant due to GF flour in the roux)

more herbal tea

a banana

...I think I ate some more veggies along with the gumbo, but I don't remember what they were

and 3 cookies (noncompliant -- spelt flour and dairy and sugar).

Heartburn started after meal 2 and was at about a 2 on a scale of 1 to 5, where 5 is worst. I had sugar cravings much of the evening, was more hungry after the cookies than I had been before them, and stayed up until nearly 1 AM without much awareness of what time it was. Mood was okay. Stress is still moderately high due to delayed holiday shopping and housemates not feeling well.

Today, so far:


3 eggs cooked in bacon fat (probably not compliant, since the bacon fat may still have sugar in it)

a bit of store-bought mayo (not compliant; sugar in ingredients)

leftover mushrooms (not compliant -- they were originally cooked with a honey sauce)

nettle tea (which I don't like as much without honey, sadly :( )

a banana


Sugar craving not too bad, but energy levels not all that high, either. And I'm still vaguely hungry -- probably not enough fat in that meal. I need to figure out what I'm going to do for veg for Meal 1, and for high-carb veg and crunchy veg in general. I like sweet potatoes, but I don't want to burn out on them, and I like bell peppers and celery and snap peas for crunch... but that's not much of a palette to draw from, yet. I think I may take my housemate's suggestion and start eating salad early in the day so that I don't get in a rut with eggs for Meal 1.

Reading this, I'm realizing how set in my ways I've become about what kinds of food I cook at which times during the day. I definitely have ideas about what constitutes "breakfast food" and "dinner." I'm not exactly looking forward to the process of shaking that up, since I am very much a creature of habit... but I'm sure it will be good for me in the end.

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Last week I followed a "loose" paleo diet (I ate only paleo meals, and mostly paleo snacks, but a few non-paleo items as well). I felt so much better than I do this week...can't wait to start up again - and I'm really looking forward to feeling AWESOME when I totally commit to my whole30 in a week and a half!

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