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Starting 14/11/17


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I'm a massive sugar addict and fussy eater trying to make some changes. First time properly attempting a whole 30 although I've toyed with the idea for a long time - I'm useless at sticking to diets and health kicks so I've told as many people as possible to try and help my resolve and am hanging out here for support. I've had a rough time with my health this year after needing treatment for breast cancer - I'm only 34 so that was a bit of a wake up call that I need to start taking my health more seriously. 

I've spent the evening meal prepping things that I can put straight in the slow cooker or soup maker to fit around my busy schedule so I should have very little to do until the weekend. Kinda excited to get going but kinda scared of how these first few days are going to work out!

Lola x

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