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Kaisa day 3 summing up the first days


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Good morning Day 3! 

Day 1 was easy even if I spent time with my bonusgrandkids 3 & 6 yrs and cooked dinner for them.  I started an Instagram account @kaisasmat where I log my eating mainly by posting photos :) 

I also made some ghee and pumpkin spiced eggmilk 

Day 2 

My right shoulder is giving me a lot of problems especially trying to sleep. So I had a rough night and an even rougher day. My sinuses were aching, no energy, feeling really bad - a hangover day. Met my physiotherapist and he was very supportive, pointing out the need to rest and to avoid overachieving. "Focus on your food and the small exercises and long walks, and you will have more energy for the gym next week". He is a true darling :) 

Did some churchwork on my way home, including preparing meatsauce for our "spagettichurch" Thursday. I made it100% W30 compliant- that was really easy. When I came home my husband had prepared salmon and potatoes also w30 compliant for dinner. 

So I went to bed very tired, feeling like I was catching a cold, but so happy for down-to-earth support from several persons during day 2.

Day 3 

Have only started - I'm on the train heading south to spend a day at our office in Lund (2,5 h train ride) as I do 1-2 times a month. Today I feel better so I hope my "hangover" is gone.

Tonight I will go to a team handball game with my best friend before I take a night train to Stockholm. I will be there until Friday and I realize that traveling, eating out or at friends for 3 days is a real challenge. But I know I can handle it.



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And now Day 3 is Almis over. And I'm Still on track, waiting for the delayed night train and my bunk in the sleeper. 

Today has been a good day and my stomach ache is almost gone Hurray! I asked my husband to remind me of this fact when I crave cookies 

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