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Foiled by parties and dinners and ready to commit


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I’m Michelle and today marks Day 2 of my Whole30 personal experiment.  I began working on changing my diet with a Paleo approach on October 15.  Being lactose intolerant and G6PD (protein) deficient, there were many of the intake restrictions and avoidances that followed the ‘cleaner and healthier for me’ diet that aligned well.  I found Whole30 by accident and was interested in trying the experiment.  I was foiled by not reading the labels clearly enough when I consumed a green tea that had sugar. 

Last week I bought and devoured the book, It starts with Food, and decided to get serious about making a commitment to healing my gut and reducing my recurrent digestive issues.  Additionally, I have an ischium injury s/p 3+ years (aerial split) that just won’t heal.  I’m a former dancer, former runner and occasional weight lifter.  For the last 5 years, I’ve spent most of my time doing exercises at home or practicing yoga at various studios.  Living in Salt Lake, my family (hubby, 2 active teens and a tween), has access to a myriad of activities (competitive swim, competitive dance, and recreational skiers and hikers) so we’re certainly getting our fair share of burning calories.  I’m looking to clean up our kitchen and set an example for healthier living for all of us.

I’m excited to be on this ‘enlightened and purposeful’ journey.

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