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Did anyone else start yesterday (11/15)?


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Excited to start this Whole30 to end the year strong and clear! I have done partial whole30s and other 4-week reset diets, but this will be my first time to complete a full Whole30!

Let me know if anyone else is on the same schedule - I would love to buddy up for some support, especially through the holidays :)

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I'm starting today.  Did a whole30 back in April and have been eating mostly paleo since. Started eating crappy, and feeling crappy and out of control the last couple weeks so I need a reset.  Seems like it might be tough with holidays coming up but I'm sure there are ways around it.

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Lizzy - I am going to try this Spritzer to stay away from the wine: 


Making these for breakfast:


I made this cranberry sauce this weekend.  It is tart but good:


I also made these potatoes which were interesting, good flavor, just different:


I found a good gravy recipe and planning on fruit salad and Brussel sprouts as a side.

I am off work this week so I will have time to prep for other meals which makes it much easier for me.


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