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Sprinkle of Parmesan Cheese


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Last night, a friend made me dinner that was mostly compliant. I noticed she sprinkled some fresh parmesan on my salad.  I scraped it off and thought I cleared it 100%, but I may have had some cross contamination.  One gift from whole 30, from a person who has a tissue out all the time wiping a runny eyes or a runny nose, either it is a miracle or the Whole 30 has kept me tissue free for a whole week!!!!  :)

I think I may have a dairy allergy or intolerance because I have done everything correctly, but today my eyes are burning and runny and my nose is runny again.  I know I have lactose issues...I am wondering if there is more to it then that...

Do I have to start completely over if it was only a sprinkle from cross contamination.  Besides that, I have been 100% - a tsp of red wine vinaigrette.

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