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Day 27...I need some help


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Hey all, I've been reading a ton on the forum, but have yet to participate.  This is my first Whole30, and I'm on day 27 (planning on attempting 60 days since this isn't THAT different than I usually eat...just way more restrictive, and I haven't seen any good results yet).  I should have asked all of this much sooner, and I probably wouldn't be where I am right now.

Anyway, I started off great, and felt really good after week 1 (aside from pretty bad "digestive distress", that started right away and "sort of" went away at 3 weeks, by decreasing water intake).  Right around week 3 I started getting headaches every day, EVERY DAY.  My energy level has gone way down (and I have NEVER had an issue with energy in my life), my workouts and strength are struggling, my clothes are too tight (it's definitely not muscle because I'm not lifting as much as usual) and my face broke out (I haven't had a breakout in probably 15 years). Oh, also, my breath has been HORRENDOUS, and I can taste it, which makes me feel a bit sick at all times (PLEASE HELP ME!)....but, I'm still sticking with it in hopes that this will all blow over.  I'm hoping someone can provide a little insight and help a girl out if I'm doing something wrong here.  

Since everyone's first question is what do you eat...here's a breakdown (I pretty much eat the same thing every day);

7am Breakfast: 3 eggs (I tried holding 4 eggs in my hand and it ended with 1 egg on the floor), 1/2 avocado, 1 cup of sauteed spinach and about 1/2 a plantain

11am Pre-Workout meal: 1 egg or 85g can of tuna, 1/2 avocado, carrots


2:30pm Lunch: Sheet pan dinner-type thing with chicken, red potato, sweet potato, carrots and spinach, doused in avocado oil with some cashews thrown in and usually a banana

Sometimes another workout here

7pm Dinner: ground turkey with homemade marinara sauce & zucchini noodles or spaghetti squash and whatever veggies are in the fridge

Sometimes another workout here

I have a tenancy to graze on fruit and nuts (and sometimes medjool dates...yikes!) in the evening, which is not exactly on plan (I know, I'm working on cutting this out). Initially I was eating a lot of dried fruit, and Lara bars, but I cut that out around week 1 after I read that I should.  How much fruit is too much fruit?

I drink about 3-4 L or water a day...I usually drink a ton of water on the regular.  However, I have been extra thirsty.

Also, not sure if this is where to ask, but this has bothered me since day 1.  In the Meal Template it talks about pre and post workout meals, and it refers to one of them as PWO.  Which meal is the PWO?  I mean, the acronym is the same for both.  Is this just me?  Also, what do you do when you workout 2x per day?  I usually workout twice a day for about an hour per workout.  Does this mean I should eat 2 PWO?

Any insight, criticism, comments, etc. is much appreciated!!!  I'm a newbie and I would love to get this right!  Even if "right" starts on day 27...hoping to continue for another 30 anyway (if I can stop feeling like a pile of crap).  Please and thank you...sorry for the long content.

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Hi! I am on Day 5 of Reintroduction after my first Whole30. So newbie myself. But what I learned - before OR after working out I have a hard boiled egg and coffee with coconut cream. That seems to provide plenty of energy. Obviously if you work out 3 times a day that’s a lot of eggs, so the tuna sounds good! My trainer told me before/after working out not to eat much fat, only a little bit so not sure about the avocado. Also the carrots might be hard to digest before working out but if they work I don’t see a problem.

I have noticed bad breath and body odor first 2-3 weeks on whole30. Like really bad. I smelled bad to myself. I assumed it was toxins leaving my body and has since gotten much better.

As for fruit, here on the forum I saw 2-3 servings per day recommended. You may need more because of the workouts. 

Also on the forum I read that nuts are not the best to eat. For me personally I settled on about every other day, because they cause constipation. Same if I have more than 3 servings of fruit per day. Dates especially. Those are some things I discovered during Whole30.

As for thirst, do you use salt? Cutting out procesed stuff means less salt in our bodies. 

Hope you feel better! Good for you doing two-a-days!! 

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Fruit is recommended as 0-2 servings per day. No one *needs* fruit. 

Pre-workout should be protein and fat, so I'd ditch the carrots. Post workout should be lean protein and maybe a starchy carb (might have those carrots post workout...). Your workouts are likely suffering because you're frequently doing multiple workouts a day and not eating enough as a result. Are you getting sufficient rest? You mention you're drinking a lot of water, but how about electrolytes? Are you salting your food and, with that much exercise, getting enough potassium and magnesium?

First thing I'd say is to get rid of the dried fruit and nuts. Completely remove them from your house and don't buy more. If they're not in the house, you won't be able to graze on them. After that, make sure you're actually getting those post-workout meals. If you're only going to have one workout-related meal, post-workout is preferred. 

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