Starting 11/24 - Anyone in?


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I made it and felt great!  I started the Whole30 because my pants were getting tight and I did not want to buy new ski pants for a vacation we went on. Last week my ski pants fit perfectly and all my clothes are looser.  I also lost 9.6 lbs!

Yesterday on day 31 I almost followed the plan, I had a cocktail and a little cake after Christmas Eve dinner. I felt okay and slept fine. Today, Christmas I had ebkeskivers (Danish pancakes) and lasagna at my mother-in-laws for Christmas dinner. I feel bloated and full like I had not felt in awhile!  

So, I am definitely going to go back on the Whole30 plan. I might give myself a short break and not worry about being totally compliant. I won’t eat like I did today though. I like having a goal though and am thinking of doing another 30 after the New Year with all the other people who are starting.

How did you all do?


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