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Christine's Whole30 Log


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Well, here I go!! I actually started yesterday and was totally aceing the day until I read the label to realize the splash of beef broth I added to my lunch contained sugar (note to self - read the %$&* labels!!!).  At first, I thought I'd let it go but I really want to do this right, so today is my official day 1!  Sadly this means my Dad's Annual Christmas Potluck now falls on day 29 so no wine or treats for me there (probably eat before I attend then).  I'm hoping I'll feel and look so good that I won't be tempted to wreck the month!

I will say this right here for accountability.  I am SOOO bad to stick to anything, and I've been on every diet out there!  I know this is not a weight loss program, but it's a very welcomed/hoped-for side perk.  My other why's: to rule out food intolerances I am not even aware of (dairy and gluten-sensitivities are rampant in my family), also rampant is diabetes and heart disease so time to get serious and truly take care of me!, more stabalized energy, reduce/eliminate sweets, carbs (pasta/bread), cheese (OMG I love cheese) and fatty food (chips!!) cravings, horomone balancing (pre-menopausal I think).   

Week 1's are always easy with the excitement of something new and all the hopes of success - but then I start to get bored and usually talk myself out of it.  I have printed off a calendar that I will cross off each day and celebrate each day's success.  My goal is to preplan my menu each weekend and buy/prep as much as I'm able to ahead of time.  If I don't preplan and do regular groceries, this will NOT work, so this will be critical for me.  I am totally ok topping up groceries over the week for fresh produce or to satisfy a Whole30-compliant healthy craving.  I am NOT much of a cooker, nor do I want to spend nights in the kitchen, but simple ingredient recipes are fine.  My 19 yr old daughter is pretty picky and I usually cater my meals around her to ensure she eats enough.  She loves her carbs so I'll adapt our dinners for me (ex. A spaghetti dinner ~ I'll cook some spiralized veg for me).  Thankfully she enjoys meat and seafood! I eat breakfast and lunch at work and I'm ok with eating the same each day on a weekly basis as long as each week I change it up.  

I plan to use this log for my own accountability.  At the start of each week, I'll post my breakfast/lunch plan and maybe a general overview of how I feel and then over the week I'll post my dinner and how I felt that day.  I think having the log to look back on will help me when the going gets tough!

How I'm feeling today - pretty good! I awoke with pretty good energy.  Excited to prepare for the week ahead.  Going to make breakfast egg muffins and prep what I can for my work week's salads.  I have a slight mild headache which sort of started last night.  I feel it's a detox of sorts as it reminds me of the time I quit coffee (silly time that was, lol).  I'm feeling positive and realistic.  I am trying to prepare myself for the hard times ahead, mainly on my own mental level.  The most famous line in the book will be highlighted and save to read when I am struggling:  "IT IS NOT HARD.  DON'T YOU DARETELL US THIS IS HARD.  QUITTING HEROIN IS HARD.  BEATING CANCER IS HARD.  DRINKING YOUR COFFEE BLACK. IS. NOT. HARD." (preface, page vii)

Nov 18 (failed day 1)

  • Breakfast: black coffee, two fried eggs with swiss chard, salt, pepper
  • Lunch: ground beef, roasted brussel sprouts, salt, pepper, splash of beef broth (fail- had sugar in it)
  • Dinner: salmon, potatoes, yellow wax beans, black coffee
  • Snack: banana, bacon (not at same time, ew -lol)

Nov 19 (real day 1

  • Breakfast: black coffee with some coconut oil and collagen powder, two fried eggs (olive oil) on a bed of fresh spinach
  • Lunch: Spinach salad with walnuts, raspberries, shrimp with an olive oil/balsamic vinaigrette
  • Dinner: 2 baked chicken thighs, brussel sprouts
  • Snack if desired: apple with almond butter

Nov 20-Nov 24

  • Breakfasts:  Egg Muffins with ground turkey, red bell pepper, spinach, swiss chard, onion, salt, black pepper
  • Lunchs: Salad Greens Mix, tuna, avocado, walnuts, blueberries and this orange dressing recipe I found!
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