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Day 15...where's that energy?


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I'm midway through my third Whole30 after a bad year of eating mostly Paleo (plus rice) during the day, then falling apart with gluten-free treats at night and on weekends. I've had one day where I felt the boundless energy (ran an amazing training run that day), but since then my favorite non-food reward has been SLEEP! Lol.

so I'm feeling a bit discouraged.

For breakfast, I eat ground venison mixed with chopped potatoes, zucchini, and kale, plus a banana and half an avocado

Preworkout (Crossfit or 3-6 mile run) - hard boiled egg

Post-workout - two ounces shredded chicken breast and one pouch of sweet potato or pumpkin/apple/sweet potato baby food (depends on what's in stock at the grocery)

Lunch - 4 ounces chicken thighs, potatoes, butternut squash, olives, and two mandarins

Dinner varies - tonight I had two eggs plus compliant sausage, some broccoli slaw, potatoes, and Brussels sprouts

also had a few almonds and blueberries as a snack.

72 ounces water throughout the day, including a LaCroix

I was just beat at Crossfit today! Am I doing it right? Just be patient? I've lost a tiny bit of weight (I can tell by the way some of my clothes fit), but it's been more about getting my inflammation under control and not gaining MORE weight. 

I'm happy to have made it this far after many attempts and failures in recent months!

thanks for any reassurance or advice you can offer...

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You don't give specificity to your portions except for oz which doesn't translate on this way of eating...how does it relate to the size of your palm?  If you're hungry enough between meals to eat snacks, then you need to be eating more at meals... energy comes from fueling your body sufficiently.  It looks to me like you're probably not eating enough.

One thing also is that you do seem to have a lot of starchy carbs in every meal of the day which may be contributing.  The recommendation is to have one fist sized serving a day and on the sample day you listed you have potatoes three times plus the butternut squash.  You might consider mixing that up with more non starchy carbs and see how you go altho it's not terrible to have that much... just something to play around with.  Your dinner also has no fat so make sure you're adding fat to every meal.

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Can you tell me where that recommendation is, about only one serving of starchy carbs a day? I just spent about 20 minutes going through my book to find that specific recommendation, and could only find a suggestion to add starchy carbs if you're very active. I will swap out my regular potatoes for some other carbs next week and see what happens.

My protein portions typically follow the "palm size" or as many eggs as I can fit my hand guideline - I've just learned over the years that that's about 4 ounces for most meats.

I typically do have Paleo mayo with my dinner for my fats.

Thank you!

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Okay, I'm in Day 28 now (yay!), and I did make some adjustments to my carbs. My new food schedule has been (all proteins are the palm sized or eggs that fit in my hand, per the template). I actually haven't had white potatoes for a couple of weeks.

Breakfast - ground venison, yellow squash, green beans, kale, and 1/2 avocado, plus tea with Nutpods

Pre-workout - hard boiled egg

post-workout - boneless chicken thigh plus pouch of baby food (pumpkin, sweet potato, or squash with apple)

Lunch - 1 serving (of 6) PaleOMG spaghetti squash pie, plus spinach. Apple with cashew butter 

Dinner - Salmon cakes plus broccoli plus roasted sweet potato cubes, and Paleo mayo 

I realized some of my recent fatigue was related to some kind of sinus infection or cold, so I've been dosing with a local (ingredient compliant) homeopathic remedy, Tea, and apple cider vinegar. Today I feel like I'm turning the corner, thank goodness. Crossfit this week was crazy rough.

Now I'm trying to figure out my reintroduction...

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