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Round 2...12/26-1/24


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Today marks the first day of my second 30 days...I am up; and drinking coffee...but not really motivated to hit the gym this morning. ugh! The plan was: get up and do 45 minutes of Combat...and now it is 6:40...and it's looking like I might get 30 minutes in before I have to get ready for work!

Starting the day off right...

couple of walnuts, and some coconut milk in my coffee...

going to be more strict with the fruit and nuts this go round...need some more drastic results after this w30! We'll see...let's go!

M1 (PWO) - 3 eggs, 1 sweet potato, green beans, 1/8 avocado, blackberries & blueberries

S1 - fresh coconut

M2 - turkey, mixed greens, cranberries, walnuts, olive oil & cider vinegar, banana, apple

M3 - meatloaf, key largo veggies, 1/4 cup potatoes

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Some of this is from another member...I love the idea of having specific goals...I will try to add some check points for things to my log as well.

My goals are:

Limit nuts to during meals or Pre WO snacks

Focus on planning three meals in advance and if still hungry make the next meal bigger or have four meals rather than introducing snacks

Eight hours sleep

Eating a bit less than I need rather than a bit more than I need

Eating more vegetables

Outcomes sought:

Lose a bit more weight

Feel more balanced

Rest my shoulder; and prevent injury...lessen joint pain

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coconut milk

(const. and have been for three days...need some super slimming tea maybe)

PWO - sweet potato, chicken breast

M1 - 3 eggs, sweet potato, key largo veggies

M2 - 3 eggs, 1/3 plantain

M3 - Well Fed's Chocolate Chili, Mixed Greens with olive oil, cider vinegar, cranberries, & walnuts, banana

S1 - 1/4 chicken breast with some lime juice & hot sauce

M4 - bone broth, veggies, turkey, banana, coconut milk

I really went "off" today...and ate more than I should have...for sure had more fruit than I needed...and just felt like I was having cravings all day. Started to reach for those sweets in the break room more than once...even picked one up three times (THREE TIMES) and started to eat it; then threw it in the trash...really gotta buckle that down...don't want to end up slipping.

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Ooh, your meals sound delightful, good for you! And, good for you on not eating the sweets sitting around in the break room. Remember, they're not special and you can have one in 30 days (theoretically, heh). I'm working on many of the same things you are, so I look forward to following your progress and cheering you on!

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You are doing well Heather. I have really struggled with cravings the last few (8?) days but today - day9 I have woken up happy and normal again.... so keep on toughing it out

OH...I WAS doing well. I blew it yesterday though, and I have to re-start. Would that I could have logged on and seen your message before this...

non compliant granola with oats and brown sugar

non compliant sesame chicken and white rice

non compliant bryers ice cream and 2% milk

This is NOT how I wanted to experience reintroduction...and I'm not really even sure what happened here....

how was I feeling? I was tired for sure...my shoulder has been bothering me; but I have been upping my number of sleeping hours...

I think it was cravings...in fact...I KNOW I was experiencing cravings; and what I have been doing is eating coconut when I have a craving...yesterday I decided that was probably not the right way to do it...and this is what happened.

I didn't even want to post it here...because I have been so strong; but I need to not keep that secret...maybe it will help someone else because I am telling it.

I guess the thing is...I would rather eat a bit of coconut to deal with my cravings; rather than blow my whole 60 because I couldn't get through the cravings without it. That is a serious food relationship issue...and probably at the core of my food behavior stuff. All the years of eating a sweet snack before bed; or having something sweet right around 3:00 PM...those are the times I really struggle with...and once I had the granola after 'lunch' ...it opened my mental gate, and made it 'ok' to just allow the other food in.

I have to say too...that my boyfriend has backed out on trying this with me...which is really disappointing...it is very hard to watch the people in my family eat whatever they want sometimes. Most of the time I am strong; and I'm like...'I want abs more than I want ____" but every once in awhile I come close to giving in. I know he wants me to make my famous chocolate chip cookies this weekend; and I have already been fantasizing about the dough...that is not good.

I'm going to copy and post this in another thread...so I can hopefully get some feedback on it...and I am still reading ISWF...so I am going to just jump right back on with a new log today.

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