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Whole 60 - Jan 4 Start

AKA Jane Random

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Hey Kids, I'm starting a Whole 60 on Jan 4th! So...Woo Hoo!

Why a Whole 60? I did the Whole 30 back in September and had fantastic results - it was the only 'dietish' program I was ever able to stick to. I had a ton of energy, lost a ton of weight and just felt great. On Day 30 I knew I needed to keep going because I could just feel that my brain/body wasn't totally reset but I chose not to - big mistake. Been eating very roughly since then and have gained a lot of the twenty five pounds I lost back. It's not Whole 30's fault, though! It's mine!

So, Jan 4th I'll be starting over. Why Jan 4th? I'd love to say I have a legitimate reason for this date but really it's just because I want to eat the Thanksgiving Sandwich at Moe's BBQ one last time. Y'all, I'm a mess but this program works I promise.

I'll be blogging the stew out of my progress over at www.akajanerandom.com - We also have a Facebook group that will be starting in January - they are all doing Whole 30s but have great advice as many of them have done multiple Whole 30s and eat like rock stars now - well, rock stars that eat really clean.

Has anyone else done a Whole 60? Am I crazy for attempting it?

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I'm glad you are taking responsibility for regaining the weight. I think you are totally correct in that 30 days was not nearly long enough to heal you.

Whole60 isn't even that radical, there is a group of us doing a Whole100 if you feel like joining us (I'm cheating because I'm on Day 26 and am just extending mine to a Whole100). A member has recently passed the 60 day mark of his own Whole90.

What are you plans to be successful this time? What made you regain your weight? Identifying where you messed up in the past is only going to help you this times. Plan to be successful, make no plans or just following old ones and history will repeat itself.

Best of luck!

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Yikes. What did make me regain the weight? Hmmm...

1) I guess it was reintroducing things like cokes - which should really NEVER have been reintroduced - too early.

2) I think I was so excited to not have to excessively plan every meal that I failed to plan any meals at all - and ended up hanging out with my old arch nemesis, drive thru, way too much.

3) I think it was also that I didn't have any kind of plan of maintenance. It was just: it's over! I think my original plan was 'now I'll just eat sensible portions' but I just wasn't ready for that kind of freedom.

That is awesome that other people do more than Whole 30s. I can't wait to read their stories!

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