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Whole30 - Day 32 and Going Strong, Recap on W30 AIP for IBD and Ulcerative Colitis


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Hi guys --

As part of the Whole30 AIP for IBD/ulcerative colitis, I removed the following from my diet:

Sugar, dairy, grains, coffee, alcohol, white potato, legumes, nuts, and nightshades (vegetable and spice kind).

Basically, it was a lot of meat, vegetables, fruit, and sweet potato.

It went so well that I'm not stopping the dietary portion of the Whole30. I am crushing Day 32.

Here are my NSVs:


Less time spent in the bathroom

Less heal time on injuries and infections

Less bloating

Less chest pain, less ankle pain

Less stress

Less reflux symptoms

Less graphic GI symptoms

Less abdominal/stomach pain

Less need for Rx meds


Better quality of BMs

Better breathing

More strength in the gym (I did 66 deadlifts yesterday (4x225, 245, 255, 275), and then 20-15-10-5 185lb deadlifts and 20lb wall balls)

More leanness

More energy

More efficiency and mental focus

Besides all of these benefits, I lost somewhere in the vicinity of 8-10lb this month.

I am feeling so thankful this Thanksgiving holiday that changing my diet made this much of a difference in my quality of life!

If anyone wants to learn more about my experience using the Whole30 AIP to improve my IBD/UC symptoms, please feel free to message me.

Thanks for your support! 

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