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Amy's Whole30 January 3-February 1


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Day 4

Today the fatigue really came in--after 9 1/2 hours of sleep, I woke up at 5:00 a.m. Couldn't get back to sleep, so I mapped out our meals and then fell asleep watching TV. Hubby slept until 10--that NEVER happens! I felt better, no headache, but I was achy. It felt like my back could be thrown out anytime I twisted or moved. Hubby is in the "KILL ALL THE THNGS" stage. :angry: He's a little angry at all the things he can't have. I'm a little better, I wasn't craving nearly as much. But man was I HUNGRY all day! At super early at 6 a.m., and by 10:30 I got lightheaded and had chills--I was starving! Ate an apple and some macadamia nuts, and it was better. But still ate lunch and ate dinner kind of early, too.

Went grocery shopping at Natural Grocers, a local health food chain, much cheaper than WF. I planned out meals until Thursday (Italian brunch bake, chocolate chili, paleo orange chicken, shepherd's pie from well fed, stuffed peppers, and cuban braised beef), and we only spent $100 this time around. This was with hubby adding a can of coconut water, Larabars, kiwi, and macadamia nuts to the mix. He's having a hard time just drinking water (he doesn't do hot beverages), so we thought we'd try the coconut water just to give him a little variety. We know the sugar content is not great, so it won't be a staple by any means. And, the can had our names on it-- :wub:post-11116-0-39873400-1357438602_thumb.j Also, prep went much faster--I figured out how to use my food processor to shred and grate--it's a miracle machine! And making the mayo was not nearly as scary as I thought it would be. I used an icing bottle I bought to decorate Christmas cookies and used that to squirt a thin stream. It turned out great!

B: 3 egg muffins (their texture is getting weird, will only make 12 next time) and a banana

Snack: apple & macadamia nuts

L: 2 hard-boiled eggs, homemade mayo, leftover broccoli squash mix

D: Pot roast, mayo, cooked carrots and onions

Had some sleepytime tea to try out my new keurig--I think I'm going to love it! I will stay away from the flavored cups during my whole30, though.

Okay, that was ridiculously long. Day 4 complete!

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I love that - instead of icing cookies, you're whipping mayo.

Have you tried Hint water? It's water with natural flavors, no sugar or calories. Your husband might like it. It's pretty tasty, has a mild fruit flavor. The cucumber flavor is refreshing. I bought some today on sale at the regular grocery store.

Also- I saw you're in Denver -- have you been to a Sunflower Market store? They have everything Whole Foods has, but often have better deals, especially on bulk foods and produce. I used to live in Wyoming and always stopped there to stock up on goodies when I was visiting family in Colorado.

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Thanks jackolantern! I haven't heard of Hint, but will definitely keep an eye out for it. I've tried putting lemon and cucumber in our water, but it hasn't really been all that we hoped for.

I've been to a Sunflower before, but not since whole30. I think Sprouts actually bought them out recently. There's not one very close to us, but it may be worth the trip. I was pleased with Natural Grocers/Vitamin Cottage--all their meat was grass fed, free range, and they had bison, lamb, even ostrich! They were only missing flank steak, which is okay since I won't be cooking it until Thursday anyway--I'll make a WF this this week.

Good luck on your Whole30!

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Day 5

Feeling pretty good today! Fell asleep at 11:00 last night, got up about 7:30. I dreamed that I ate some Ben & Jerry's, and I was trying to decide whether or not to start my whole30 over. :rolleyes: I did wake up in the middle of the night with stomach cramps for about ten minutes, and Brian had cramps starting at 4:30 and going into the morning hours. We're not sure if this is our digestive system healing, or if the mayo had something to do with it. :( I did have a little catnap after lunch, but cleaned, did laundry, vacuumed all the floors, and scrubbed the kitchen--including pulling out the stove to get all the crap that falls between it and the counter! I am pooped, but hoping to clean the bathroom and scrub the floor in the entry. My friends are coming over for a whole30 compliant potluck on Friday, and I know I won't want to clean during the week. :P

B: Italian Brunch Bake & strawberries, 2 cups coffee

L: Leftover roast beef, frozen veggies, sunshine sauce

D: Well Fed's Chocolate Chili over Spinach, topped with 1/2 avocado, blueberries

Brian and I cheated-he weighed himself, and then I had to, too! We're both happy with our results so far, but I'm wishing I hadn't. First of all, I know a lot of my loss was water weight from all the salt I had the day before the whole30 started. Also, my monthly visitor just left, and she always takes some weight with her when she goes. Also, I have this new number in my head, so my final weight won't seem as dramatic. I also know that this could have gone the other way and potentially have been really discouraging.

On the other hand, I am so enjoying the fact that I have lost weight and I haven't had to count calories, track points, or weigh and measure every single thing I eat! This feels so much more natural, to eat when I'm hungry and fill up on real food. Brian is trying to figure out how closely he'll want to adhere to the program after the whole30 is over. I think I'll be sticking pretty close to the program, since I have the PCOS that needs to be managed. I'll probably eat compliant foods at home, and then stick as close as I can when I'm out at a restaurant, with family, or out with friends. But, if something sounds amazing, I'll definitely go for it!

Day 6 here I come!

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Hello Amy!

It sounds like you're doing great! I'm feeling much better today, than yesterday. I've been wanting to weigh myself too, but haven't in case I would be disappointed;)

I've had a bit of a lingering headache although it seems to have gone...for now. The sleeping was muh better last night! Yay! I'm thinking it'll be good again tonight too.

Keep it up!

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Thanks! Things are going well over here, finishing day 5. We also had chocolate chili for dinner! YUM! :P I too am hoping to manage some of my PCOS with the Whole 30 and beyond. I'm so tempted to weigh myself, but I know at this point it will be water weight. That's awesome that your friends are willing to try a W30-only meal.

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Hey Amy, looks like things are going well...I hate those food dreams!!! My first one was around days 3 or 4....it was a dream I ate shortbread cookies (I'm jealous of yours!!). I honestly thought it was real and woke up so made at myself. It's crazy, I never had food dreams before!

Keep it up!!!!

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Yes, I would definitely advise against weighing yourself. I truly wished I hadn't--it felt comparable to giving in and inhaling a pint of ice cream--temporarily satisfying, followed by regret that I didn't have the willpower to refrain.

The sad thing, ladunn, is that I didn't even dream about the actual eating of the ice cream--I just looked down and there was a half-empty pint and spoon in my hand! I wouldn't have minded dreaming about the eating part. :P

It's been so great having w30 friendly pins to look at on Pinterest! My friends e-mailed me today to make sure that what they were bringing to the potluck would work--I'm so glad to have such great friends. Brian has decided it'd just be easier for him to not go out for the 30 days.

Day 6

Feeling pretty good! A little tired, but nothing I couldn't manage. (Men, you may want to skip the rest of this paragraph. :ph34r: ) One strange thing--I'm spotting! Usually Flo shows up on Wednesday and leaves Saturday or Sunday. I was surprised to see this, but I'm hoping it's a sign that good things are happening with my hormones, and that my fertility will be better. Also, I've only been on my new birth control since the end of October, so I don't have my monthly schedule completely nailed down, yet.

B: Italian brunch bake, a few bites of sweet potatoes, apple

L: Chocolate chili with spinach and avocado, strawberries (SO DELICIOUS! MUST make a double-batch next time. Also, definitely let it simmer the full two hours. It was good last night with a 45 minute simmer, but was AMAZING after 2 hours!)

D: Orange chicken with red peppers. Brian opened a can of sardines, and I've never had one, so I ate one. :wacko: Then I had two macadamia nuts to get the taste out.

I tried to find out what we're having for a special lunch at work on Wednesday. Apparently it's a surprise, and all they would tell me is that "it'll be hearty." Guess I'll pack a lunch and then see if they have a salad or fruit that would be compliant.

Day 6--DONE!

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Day 7

Today was such a good example of why planning ahead is so important for me, and why having a little extra protein ready to be packed up and eaten never hurts. I knew I'd be staying late today, so here's what my meals looked like:

B (8:30ish): Broccoli and squash leftovers, sautéed in ghee, with three eggs scrambled in. 2 cups black coffee.

L1 (12:00ish): The rest of the leftover orange chicken and red peppers (not much, maybe 3/4 cup) over arugula

L2 (3:30ish): Three hardboiled eggs, cucumber squirted with lemon and sprinkled with chile con limón (SO GOOD!)

D (8:30ish): Bell pepper stuffed with shredded carrots, onion, cauliflower, garlic, ground beef, and ground pork, topped with salsa.

I knew I was going to be getting home late, so I put everything in the slow cooker this morning so it'd be ready to go. Unfortunately, as soon as I got home, my coworker called--she had accidentally left her keys in the bag she gave me! So I had to go back so she could get her keys and drive home. I didn't get home until 8:30, so thank goodness for those hardboiled eggs--I almost didn't pack them!

Energy level is better, but I'm still really stuffy in the morning. Also, I've noticed I haven't had heartburn since I started w30--I used to pop TUMS before bed most days of the week! Also, the free Jimmy Johns and chocolate cake brought it by a coworker didn't even make me blink. ;) Although I am feeling more hormonal, not sure what's going on there...

Not much else--bedtime!

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Day 8

Definitely crabby. Crabby crabby crabby. :angry: :angry: :angry: Crabby despite the fact that my fasting blood sugar was 98 this morning--that was good to see! I had tested it a few days ago and it was 104 (anything above 100 is a sign of pre-diabetes--below 100 is normal. Yay for normal!).

B: Leftover Italian Brunch Bake

Snack: 1 clementine at all staff meeting

L: Stuffed bell pepper with salsa and an avocado, another clementine, perrier

D: Salad--romaine with 1/2 pink lady apple, a few dried cranberries and raisins, a couple slices of mango, sunflower seeds, sugar snap peas, canned salmon, lemon vinaigrette (a little heavy on the fruit, but delicious!) & grapefruit la croix--awesome!

Lunch was catered in for our all-staff meeting today. While everyone else was chowing down on meatballs, lasagna, rigatoni, breadsticks, and chocolate brownies, I had my pepper. The thing was, my lunch tasted really good and I wasn't missing out. I did answer a lot of questions about the w30. All the attention was a little weird. I did feel a little anxious afterward--since so many people know about the program, now, I'm worried about them judging my results. But, it's mostly in my head, I'm sure, everyone was really supportive.

Dropped another $130 at WF. I really need to plan better so I can just get the protein there and get the rest of my groceries at Natural Grocers or Sprouts.

Day 8 out!

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Day 9

Another busy, challenging day. My energy levels are pretty good, but mentally I'm struggling. I'm tired of telling myself no. We had a good-bye party for two coworkers who are retiring, and the CEO had a beautiful spread catered in. Awesome wine (with chocolate to pair with it), pita bread, hummus, stuffed grape leaves, and some sort of meat. I stuck to perrier and raw veggies. Kind of depressing, I'm not going to lie. I did it, though.

B: 3 scrambled eggs, 1/2 pink lady apple

L: Leftover stuffed pepper meat mix, cooked carrots from the roast, sugar snap peas

Pre-party Snack: macadamia nuts, sugar snap peas, cucumbers with chile con limón

Party: Perrier, raw carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, celery, cherry tomatoes

D: Cuban braised beef with peppers, tomatoes, and onions

I'm really hoping the tiger blood kicks in soon, because right now it sort of feels like there's no light at the end of the tunnel. Sorry to be so melodramatic. :unsure:

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Day 10

Thankfully, my mood is much better today! I had some friends over for dinner tonight, and it was great.

B: 2 handfuls of spinach, sautéed in ghee, scrambled with 3 eggs, and banana

L: The last of the meat from the stuffed peppers, carrots, wholly guacamole

S: carrots, celery, wholly guacamole

D: Salmon, green beans with ghee and toasted almonds, 1/2 avocado, guacamole, peppers, carrots, with berry & coconut whipped cream, almonds, and toasted coconut from WF for dessert.

It was really nice having some friends over and hanging out without bad food around.

Physically, I'm feeling good today. Last night while cleaning the bathroom I got a headache whenever I squatted down--a little strange.

Day 11 on the way!

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Hang in there Amy! You're 1/3 of the way done. For me days 10-15 were rough, and it's also when I've given up in the past when attempting this. Everyone's different, but keep on going, pretty soon you'll be past the halfway point and it will all be downhill!

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Thanks, ladunn! I think being with my friends and being in control of the food served really helped. Even though there were brownies, alcohol, and bread, I had so much I could eat that it didn't feel nearly as hard to say no. I also got a really good tip on a company that does home delivery of organic veggies for a great price!!

My mood was better today, other than the Broncos losing. :( Also, hubby commented he can tell I'm losing weight. :wub: He weighed himself again and is 7 pounds down, but I am happy to report I resisted!! I slept a ridiculous amount last night (in bed about 10:30 after the party, woke up at 1:00 a.m. to go to the bathroom, and then slept until hubby woke me at 9:00 a.m.! I probably could have slept longer, too.

B: 4 scrambled eggs, 3 strips compliant bacon, 1 handful spinach sautéed in ghee, a spoonful of guacamole, 2 cups coffee

L (More like a snack since we had a late breakfast): Sugar snap peas, toasted coconut from WF, carrot, rooibos tea

D: Cottage pie from WF

Looking forward to a good night's sleep again!

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Day 12

Didn't sleep well last night--felt super-hot, even though it was below zero outside! Woke up at 7:30, rolled out of bed at 8:30.

B: Three fried eggs, some sautéed green pepper, 2 cups coffee (tried to make butternut squash, but I think the squash was too old)

L: Leftover cottage pie, a few blueberries

D: Two chicken thighs (http://www.annies-eats.com/2010/04/15/lemon-chicken/, the BEST chicken I've ever had!), sugar snap peas

I think the mashed cauliflower on the Cottage Pie upset my stomach a little bit.

Hubby and I went grocery shopping--first to Target, for ingredients for chocolate chili and some veggies for later this week. We did still have to go to WF for chicken thighs--the only kind at Target were boneless, skinless. The WF parking lot was nuts! And the chicken thighs were HUGE! I also got some Natural Calm, I'm hoping it will help me sleep, and also help my mood--I'm feeling a little anxious today.

Day 12 completed!

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Day 13

I slept much better with the Natural Calm! I was a little tired, but mostly my energy was nice and stable. And I'm feeling less anxious, which is good.

I'm starting to worry that I'm just going to pig out the day after my w30 is done. I'm thinking of what Ben & Jerry's I want to have, what restaurants I want to eat at, and I'm afraid I'm going to go completely overboard. I'm trying to figure out a way not to overdo it. I'm thinking of allowing myself three or four off-plan meals/snacks/desserts a week. I'll only eat it if it's worth it, and I'm not going to eat something bad just because it's Saturday and I've only had two off-plan items during the week. But, I figure if it happens more than three or four times, I need to get my act together for the rest of the week. Any thoughts on this?

B: Leftover Cuban Braised Beef & mayo, 2 cups coffee

L: Salmon on romaine and spinach, with red pepper and mayo. Fruit salad (strawberries, kiwi, mango) on the side. Rooibos tea after

Pre-yoga: Hard boiled egg, mayo

D: Chocolate chili with an avocado

I did yoga! I could tell I hadn't done ANY exercise for, geez, probably two months? Yikes! :blink: It was hard, but I feel better, and I impressed myself with how well I did a couple of the poses! I did feel shaky, like maybe I hadn't eaten enough before. I'm used to having a banana or granola bar before I exercise, so maybe I'm just not fat-adapted yet.

More pros: Watch came off with only undoing one of the clasps tonight; no heartburn since I started w30; my shirt was much looser today than the last time I wore it (pre-w30); no pain in my left knee since w30 (bad knees run in my family).

Lucky 13 done!

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Day 14

B: Cuban braised beef, tomatoes, onions, peppers (FINALLY that's gone!) 2 cups coffee

L: Chocolate chili with an avocado on top, carrots and celery

D: Panera bread's Hidden Menu, split the steak wraps (no pesto!) and mediterranean turkey salad (no pepperoncinis!) with hubby

We were excited that we could get something from a restaurant, but honestly the Panera bread salads were just okay. Since they had only done the hidden menu a few times, it took a long time to make my order. To apologize, they tried to give me a free cookie. I told them to keep it. :(

Also, I had to stare down three boxes of donuts today at work, when a donut is exactly what I've been craving. A sugar raised donut from LaMars. I don't care what happens, I'm having one of those donuts on Day 31!!

Can you tell I'm still having the mental cravings?

Also, I didn't have Natural Calm last night, and I slept fitfully again. Will definitely have to keep having that before then.

Tomorrow marks halfway!

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Note--after I posted last night, hubby made fruit salad with bananas, strawberries, and kiwi. Yum!

Day 15

Grrr, still didn't sleep well, even with the Natural Calm! I think the apartment is too hot, I need to turn the heat down even lower before bed.

B: 3 Deviled eggs, banana, 2 cups coffee

L: Chocolate chili over spinach, apple

D: Pork roast (I LOVE pork roast :D ) and this Kale salad: http://www.wholefood...inbow-kale-slaw

I stepped on the scale again. :ph34r: I was so frustrated this morning that I hadn't slept well and still wasn't feeling the energy, I needed the positive reinforcement. However, it turns out I didn't need it! My pants were super-loose this morning, and a coworker commented on my glowing skin. :wub:

I FINALLY got my pre-made paleo meals, so hopefully that will take some of the pressure of of cooking all the time.

I'm halfway there!

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Day 16

Slept poorly again--had a nightmare that a windstorm was launching trees into the air and they were crushing people from my hometown--yikes!

B: 2 hard boiled eggs, mayo, celery and carrots

L: Chocolate chili over spinach, apple

D: Leftover kale salad and sautéed in coconut oil, with ginger, cinnamon, and coconut aminos

I came into the office and there were three baguettes on the table. It didn't even faze me! The crazy intense cravings are gone (for now).

I fit into a size smaller pants that I haven't been able to wear in probably two years! Yay!

Also, while I was teaching today I noticed my thoughts were coming out clearer (other than saying "sex" when I tried to say "successful" :o ) and class went really really well! Also went five hours easily between breakfast and lunch with no issues. This class is always over lunch hour, which led to me stuffing my face 15 minutes before. Now I didn't eat anything before hand and it wasn't an issue at all!

Day 16 out!

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Day 17

Bummed that I still haven't gotten my w30 Daily! Hopefully they'll resolve the issues soon, I'm already a day ahead!

B: Three fried eggs, baby carrots, banana

L: Pre-made Paleo meatball and butternut squash curry stew (delish!), carrots, apple

D: Sirloin with the dry rub from ISWF, green beans with almonds

Over lunch hour I had to go into a meeting to talk about Open Enrollment. Everyone else had to bring their lunches but I was good until 1:00--that was nice! Before w30 I would have DIED waiting that long to eat!

I finally slept through the night last night, although I did have a nightmare that I got fired--aargh! Can you tell it's been a stressful week at work? (P.S. Now that I'm conscious I fully recognize there's no chance of me getting fired. ;) ) I'm starting to think the stress of this month is keeping me from feeling the full magic.

Three-day weekend! I'm excited!

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Day 18

B: Chicken sausage, onion, pepper frittata, bacon, 3 cups coffee

L: Shared a Trail Mix pack from PremadePaleo with hubby (sad, I know! We had a late breakfast, though)

D: Premade Paleo jerk chicken, broccoli, and butternut squash, banana

Today was a day I was very happy to be fat-adapted! Because we had a later breakfast (9-ish), we shared a trail mix around 1:00. I went for a half hour walk around 2:00, and when I came back hubby needed to go to urgent care. We got back about 4:00, and ate around 5:00, but I did fine!

I had an epiphany while walking. I haven't been getting much physical activity lately--duh! That's probably part of why I'm not sleeping well! I always sleep better when I get some exercise. I walked around the neighborhood (we have a couple of parks with great walking trails literally outside our door--I love living in Denver!) for a little over half an hour. It was gorgeous, and I'm excited to have two more days off to be a little more active.

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*After I posted last night, I had another trail mix pack from premade paleo. I was so hungry!

Day 19

Slept awesome last night! I got my replacement fitbit, and it said I had 99% sleep efficiency! :D Went up to a full teaspoon of natural calm last night, and I think between that and the walk I got a great night's sleep!

B: Leftover pepper & chicken sausage frittata, 3 cups coffee

L: Leftover pork roast, dijon, banana, kiwi, baby carrots

Snack: Stomach was upset after lunch, so had an apple sprinkled with ground ginger and coconut flakes. Felt better!

D: Bolognese sauce over spaghetti squash.

I've never had spaghetti squash, and it wasn't bad. It wasn't as soft as I thought it would be--not sure if I need to bake it longer or differently (I've seen different suggestions on how to do it).

I think I need more water. I haven't been at my desk as much at work lately, so I haven't chugged it like normal. And I have just been getting a can of La Croix at meals, and not drinking in between meals--I need to get more H20!

I dreamed I was back in high school, and they had an amazing cafeteria, and they even had a "paleo" section, but the only thing there was bok choy, so I got some other meat and screwed up my w30. It was bizarre!

I am 63% done! :P

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After posting last night, I had a cup of coconut flakes! Nighttime snacking is creeping up on me out of nowhere. On a happy note, I put up bone broth yesterday morning. It isn't really gelatinous, but smells great!

Day 20

B: Chicken soup (added leftover pork roast to it), orange, 3 cups coffee

L: Beef from the bone broth bones, mayo, sugar snap peas, banana

D: Rest of beef and mayo, 2 fried eggs, baby carrots, sugar snap peas

It was so hard not to stress eat today. We have a bit of a family crisis going on, and I may have to travel out of state this weekend. All I want to do is comfort-eat, but I'm holding out for now.

On the plus side, grocery shopping is getting cheaper. Now that my ground beef from US Wellness and Premade Paleo meals are here, there's a lot less pressure. Also, since there are only ten days left, I'm more willing to use the stuff in my freezer instead of wanting to save it for a rainy day.

2/3 done!

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Day 21

Three weeks in. I'm fighting the mental cravings again. I'm still not feeling amazing, so I'm having a hard time wanting to stick with the program.

B: 2 eggs scrambled in bolognese sauce.

L: Chicken(/pork) soup, sugar snap peas, grapes

D: Paleo comfort food's fried chicken, sautéed zucchini, banana

Still stressed, still wanting to eat for comfort. Three weeks in and I'm hoping I can stick this through.

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