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Amy's Whole30 January 3-February 1


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Hi, just wanted to write a line or two, as I follow your log:

I'm in the exact same place as you. I've been having a lot of cravings this past week or so, and am not feeling anything extraordinary, at least not enough for me to be completely convinced it's "worth it" to stay away from all the things I desire (I have so far). However, this close to the end I refuse to give up - that's what is keeping me on track!

We can do this! Hopefully our state of feeling amazing is just around the corner! ;)

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Thank you! I must say, I was THISCLOSE to throwing in the towel last night. I even told hubby if he went to the store and got me Ben & Jerry's I would totally go off the w30 with him. (Can you tell he is also ready for this to be done?) Luckily we both stuck with it--I had a couple bites of a Larabar (and then promptly remembered that I hate Larabars--yuck! :wacko: ) and a cup of vanilla Sleepytime tea and then went to bed.

Today I very appropriately got the Whole30 Daily that talked about the extinction burst--if only I had got that information yesterday! I'm starting to wish I had figured out to get the right Daily on the right day (I started a day early so I'm getting mine a day late). Anyway, I'm feeling better today and planning on sticking it through!

Day 22

B: Bolognese sauce scrambled with three eggs and ghee (yummy, but it ended up on my pants--that's what I get for eating and driving on my way to an early meeting!), 2 cups of coffee at the meeting

L: Butternut squash and meatball curry stew from premade paleo (SO good), apple, a couple bites of melon

D: Ribeye steak with the coffee rub from ISWF, and kale chips (YUUUUMMMM!!!)

Up early again tomorrow--a short week and I'm already ready for the weekend!

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Day 23

B: Ribeye steak (cut up and frantically eaten in the car on the way to another super-early meeting)--Delish! Coffee at the meeting.

L: Premade paleo's rosemary turkey, collard greens, and cauliflower with tomatoes

D: Chipotle! Romaine with double carnitas, guacamole, and pico. 3 kiwis after.

I can say that while not feeling amazing, I definitely have been much more steady and cheerful while handling this particularly stressful month, and that's something to be thankful for. Also fit into another pair of pants that I haven't gotten into for a couple of years! My skin looks great, my teeth are whiter, my waist is smaller, my energy is more steady, my heartburn and knee pain are gone, I'm much less anxious, I'm much more cheerful and connecting with people better, and I'm much clearer and focused at work. So, overall, I guess I should stop whining!!

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Day 24

B: Spinach sautéed with tomato paste and ghee, scrambled with 3 eggs, cara cara orange, 3 cups black coffee

L: Herbed chicken and sweet potato wedges from premade paleo, fruit salad made by hubby :wub:

D: Ground beef, onion, and leftover spaghetti squash sautéed with coconut oil, coconut aminos, ginger, garlic powder, cinammon, S&P. Orange.

Feeling good today! Happy it's the weekend! :D

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Slept for 10 hours last night, and my fitbit told me I had 100% sleep efficiency! (Only woke up briefly, once.) I definitely needed the sleep, although I could have done without a dream about my ex-- :angry:

Day 25

B: Italian Brunch bake. Sautéed the onions with the pork sausage this time, rather than adding them raw. Delish! 3 cups of black coffee.

L: Salmon cakes and tartar sauce from ISWF, 1/2 cucumber

D: Premade paleo chicken & mushrooms, apples & brussel sprouts, and "parrots" (parsnips and carrots)

I'm starting to adjust my expectations. I read in someone else's log that they were also disappointed by the lack of energy, but then they realized they were expecting the energy that comes from an artificial high (caffeine, sugar, etc.). I think now I understand that the steady supply of sufficient energy I've been having is what I should expect, and I am not, in fact, going to feel like the Energizer Bunny on crack all day. I cleaned today for a good hour and a half--very good for me on a Saturday!

Hubby and I are trying to figure out how to transition on Friday. He's going to have the day off, and I think he's going to go hog-wild. I may try to take the day off, as well (I could use it after this crazy month, but I'll need to make sure it won't put me behind again). Mentally, on Friday I'm wanting to eat a small, but w30 compliant breakfast, then get a sugar-raised donut from LeMars on the way to work. Compliant lunch, and then a beer with dinner (I think I'll get the rotisserie chicken and french onion soup), and then finish up at the frozen yogurt shop. ;) I'd like to do sushi on Saturday (eating mostly w30 breakfast and lunch), and then I think we'll get pizza and wings (and probably have beer) for the Superbowl (eating a hearty w30 breakfast to tide me over until the game). I'm not sure if I should enjoy the weekend and get back to mostly w30 on Monday, or if I should rein it in a little bit more over the weekend. I'd hate to undo everything and completely reawaken my sugar dragon!

The only things I'm really missing are ice cream, sushi, soy sauce, ketchup, and donuts (which I RARELY had before w30 anyway!). I've been able to find a compliant version for a lot of things, but am looking forward to not having to scour every label for the slightest bit of sugar. I'm not missing beans, milk, cheese, or other grains. I think there may be occasions where I'll want cheese or bread, but right now I'm okay going without.

Long post! Five days to go! 83% done!

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Hi! I am also on day 25. Just wanted to say, just from what I have read on the blogs, maybe go slower adding foods back so you don't wind up making yourself sick and not knowing which item was the culprit. Maybe you are just daydreaming/thinking "out loud" above, but you wouldn't know if it was the donut or the beer, or the yogurt... I'm worried about adding stuff back! I am going to try to go to 45 days just to avoid it! LOL.

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That's something we're really struggling with. I know ISWF says you should introduce items one at a time, but I'm not sure that's going to work for us. Since the changes haven't been super-dramatic, and we weren't really having any digestive issues before, I don't think identifying food intolerances is a huge issue for us. For me, this has really been about being more mindful about what I eat, and avoiding the foods that would spike my insulin levels. However, there will be one donut in my reintroduction, that's for sure. :D I'm half expecting that I'll take two bites and find it totally gross, but I will try one!

In actuality, I may not have the beer--I just haven't been missing it that much. And I may make some w30 friendly items for the Superbowl. But, at the same time, I'm looking forward to being able to relax a little with the rules. The w30 guidelines will be the basis of my food choices from here on, but it's very likely that my "healthy and balanced" will be many others' "need to clean things up" (to quote the book ;) ).

However, there's no way I'll be able to rein hubby in. He's been so good about doing this with me, and doesn't really have any serious health issues going on, and ultimately what he eats is his choice, but he has learned a lot from this. And he can't wait for Friday, and the Superbowl is basically the most important day of the year for him. :P

That said, if I do end up feeling sick, or gaining the weight back, I may do another w30 in the near future and use that as an opportunity to identify food sensitivities.

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Hi Amy!

I think I'm in the same position as you. I didn't do this out of any major eating/digestive health reasons, more to get a check on my sugar addiction and to perhaps try if I'm lactose sensitive (which I've tried before with mixed results). I can say that this far in, my sugar cravings aren't really gone at all - so I will have to keep the mental "rule book" that is whole 30 also after Friday. I've been thinking I'll allow myself one day of the week, where I don't go all wild, but rather can relax and just not think about it (I'm planning on baking a paleo non-grain, non-dairy chocolate pie next weekend to get into the habit of baking "compliant" stuff). As for the dairy, I already realized the other night by accident (I was having dinner out and a part of the dish came out with unexpected cream in it, which I didn't eat, but just the little traces on the adjacent food must have been enough!) that I will not be reintroducing dairy for a little while, perhaps the weekend after or so, just so I can really pay attention to what works and what doesn't. Some cheeses I think are better than others, for example.

Hang in there, only a few more days now!

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Day 26

B: Leftover brunch bake, banana, 2 cups black coffee

L1 (Very late): Baby carrots, homemade mayo, Premade Paleo trail mix

L2: (realizing I needed protein!): Chocolate chili and one hardboiled egg that I made for the week, cara cara orange

D: Short ribs with onions, balsamic grilled butternut squash from The Clothes Make the Girl

I made homemade mayo with ACV, I really like how it got nice and fluffy! Tastes good, too! Made a double batch of Chocolate Chili, made hardboiled eggs, got ingredients for Paleo Pad Thai, coconut shrimp, and chicken nuggets. Yum! Going to finish out the week STRONG!

It's also been much cheaper to grocery shop these past couple of weeks. I found a company that will deliver a box of organic produce once a week at a reasonable price, and they also sell pastured eggs way cheaper than WF--score! And now that there's plenty of meat in the freezer, I'm not having to buy as much protein that's not on sale. I also have a better idea of what I can get at the local Kroger, and what requires a special trip to WF or the specialty grocery store by work.

Four days to go!

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Day 27

B: Deviled eggs (I even shared one with hubby ;) ), apple, 2 cups black coffee

L: Chocolate chili over spinach, topped with 1/2 avocado

D: Well Fed's Paleo Pad Thai, made with cabbage noodles instead of spaghetti squash (HUGE! and delish!)

Feeling much better today, I'm happy to report! And the cravings are backing down. I was driving past the donut shop I've been dreaming about all month, thinking that in four days I could go there. And then I thought, "But a donut doesn't even sound good right now!" I was so full of delicious deviled eggs that it wasn't appealing at all! Same for most of my other cravings.

I'll play this weekend by ear, but I'll need to take it one food choice at a time, and make sure I'm having something because it tastes good, rather than because I can and hubby wants to.

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How did you make cabbage noodles?

Oooh, Robin posted about it in this thread: http://forum.whole9life.com/topic/6468-best-meal-ever-paleo-or-not/

I just cut a head of cabbage in half, and then thinly sliced it, and cooked it in a saucepan with an inch or two of salted water for about 10 minutes, stirring to get all the cabbage in the water at some point. It was delicious, but I think I put too much in there, hubby and I both had upset stomachs.

Day 28

B: Spinach scrambled with two eggs and tomato paste, 3 clementines

L: Chocolate chili with spinach and avocado, apple

D: Coconut shrimp, shrimp cocktail (with lemon instead of cocktail sauce), baby carrots

A little heavy on the fruit, but we've got a lot from our last organic produce delivery, and much more that came today! Luckily it doesn't seem to be--wait a minute. Maybe that is why the cravings have hit so hard? I'll have to go back and re-read my log on the days I'm craving like crazy to see how much fruit I'd eaten that day...

I'm definitely feeling much better today. Work is still keeping me hopping, but I'm able to deal with it with a good attitude. And my cravings have gone WAY down. I think I'll just do a little dairy on Friday (latte in the morning, frozen yogurt with hubby) and try to keep everything else as w30 as possible, considering we'll be going out to eat. I don't think I'll do the full protocol, other than dairy, mainly because I know I shouldn't eat a lot of wheat, grains, or sugar, so it doesn't really matter if I can tolerate it or not.

For the Superbowl, pizza and wings don't even sound that good. I'm starting to think I'd much rather have deviled eggs, compliant wings, chocolate chili, some veggies and mayo. I'll see how I feel on Sunday, but right now I'm feeling strong and confident that I won't go too crazy.

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Last night, the sugar dragon was definitely rearing it's head. I wanted a Premade Paleo trail mix pack BAD, just for the sweet taste. I picked up a pack, but decided to have some tea instead. Some Vanilla Sleepytime did the trick. ;)

Day 29 (WOW! Cannot believe I'm typing that!)

B: Italian Brunch Bake

L: Chocolate chili with spinach and avocado, 2 kiwi

D: Chicken nuggets with BBQ sauce, baby carrots

I had a WICKED stomachache around 4:00 today--not sure what the deal was, if it was the kiwi or maybe too much fat in my lunch. Dang!

I've been reflecting back on the w30, and there are a few things I think I could have done better.

1. More veggies. I definitely have done better than ever, but I didn't quite follow the meal template.

2. A little less fruit. Possibly a little less fat in some meals.

3. Weighing myself! I completely failed on this one. And now that the weight loss has leveled off (probably because of that special time of the month), I can see the danger in it. However, I'm finally getting comments from coworkers, and my clothes are falling off. So, even though the weight loss has been minimal these past couple of weeks, my clothes are getting HUGE!

4. Turning of the TV while we eat. Another total fail.

Things I did well:

1. I followed the rules! Everything I ate was compliant, and I'm not really missing the stuff that isn't.

2. I got lots and lots of sleep.

3. I really did not snack much. Once in a while after dinner, or at a work meeting, but that was really it.

4. Figuring out the grocery budget. It got MUCH less expensive as the month went on!

5. Buying high-quality meat, eggs, and veggies.

6. Supporting my hubby (and vice versa :wub: ).

7. Using this log to really process what was going on.

I'd like to focus on getting more exercise next month. My lower back is tightening up, and a couple days on the elliptical always really helps.

One more day to go!

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Day 30!!

B: Deviled eggs, baby carrots

L: Premade Paleo chicken, sweet potatoes, kale

Snack (working late, getting through my end-of-the month stats!): Premade paleo trail mix

D: Roast beef, mashed cauliflower

Tired from working late--will have a full results report tomorrow!

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Post-w30 report:

Results! I lost 12 pounds. My heartburn (which once sent me to the ER, and for which my doctor said I would need to take omeprazole every day), is gone. My body shape looks better, my skin looks better, my energy was much more stable, and my mood was much happier! My fasting blood sugars will normal, and I'll know more about my blood results in April when I go for my annual physical.

Here are some pictures. The difference is subtle, but more noticeable in person:

Before and after, from the front

post-11116-0-17878800-1359824339_thumb.j post-11116-0-88786400-1359824968_thumb.j

Before and after, from the side

post-11116-0-98167300-1359824384_thumb.j post-11116-0-08976500-1359824998_thumb.j

Reintroduction went poorly yesterday. Here's what my day looked like

B: Girl Scout Samoa, roast beef, mayo, carrots

L: Rotisserie chicken, broccoli, texas toast (from a restaurant)

Snack (after doing our taxes :blink: ): 2 more samoas, 2 bubbies ice cream treats

Dinner is where it really went downhill. Met some friends for drinks at a winery, where they make their own wine and can it. I had the equivalent of three incredibly strong glasses of wine. The only food was a food truck, which was actually paleo! But, the food was super expensive, so for $12 we got a little portion of steak and mushrooms. It was delish, but between not much food and really strong wine and not having drank for thirty days, I was drunk. Then we went out to dinner, and I had chips and salsa, half a guacamole tostada, a shredded beef burrito, and a little bit of rice and beans. So, yeah, reintroduced everything all at once, and my stomach paid for it!

Today I started by eating sweet potato hash and fried eggs from nomnompaleo, which was delicious. Will be taking it much more slowly today!

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