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Thanks for the awesome tips about vacuum sealing - great idea!

Congrats to your husband on getting that job, and giving notice at the old one! And you have given yourself such a shift in approach to making the trip alone - good job! Staying in a house with an actual kitchen should make it so much easier compared to what I was imagining. Options galore, that's great.  You three are giving yourselves plenty of time to plan that song is in my head again, we can plan, we can plan plan, yes we can, yes we can can LOL Just writing about food makes me hungry and wanting to cook something. 

This is good because recently I was so busy at work, I got into a little mini-depressed-cooking-rut where I just didn't want to, and couldn't imagine ever cooking anything ever again. Does that happen to you? I didn't want to waste the meat that I had thawing in the fridge during those days, so I made a big batch of the ropa vieja inspired sliders. This time I didn't really use the recipe, I just winged it. (Wung it?) and it was good, but maybe too many raisins. Pretty windy. I could've quarantined myself yesterday LOL.

An acquaintance of mine who is an OB/GYN P.A. bent an ear about the early menopause thing and hot flashes, and she confirmed my approach, adding that alcohol and hot soups/beverages are a big culprit, and that getting vigorous cardio vascular exercise is the real key. Like running. Waah, my knees can no longer tolerate a run, but the conversation gave me a nudge to power hike as often as possible. As for compliant snacks, that's a great point. I'm thinking jerky, trail mix, dates, and maybe those EPIC bars will be more palatable when I'm *that* in need, and I'll test that out on a training hike once I've worked my way up to a higher intensity.

I have a friend who is sort of a Tommy Emmanuel groupie!!! It's not about sex, but she seriously follows him around wherever he is in California, and now he recognizes her, and sometimes they talk and hang out a little, which makes her glow and smile in the re-telling like nothing else I've ever seen.  She LOVES him. I saw Jake on Youtube once performing While my Guitar Gently Weeps, and that really is amazing! Have a GREAT time!

I'd never heard of Elbert Hubbard, either, but I saw that quotation recently on a Buddhist IG feed, and it didn't sound like something Buddha actually said, so I googled it because I really, really like that quote. Ha ha. I get a little envious and curious when I see things about nuns in cloister, or people on silent retreats. Silence makes me happy.

Still kinda thinking of doing a W30 in March, or....just really upping my game on my own bike. We'll see...

Your Saturday evening is probably underway by now - live it up!!!

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The show was amazing and it even quit raining! My husband used to take guitar lessons from a banjo player (hahaha) and he used to always say, "That's a lot of notes!" about some of the bluegrass tunes. Saturday night was definitely a lot of notes! Before the show we went to a nearby restaurant that has a nice cocktail menu and had a couple of real cocktails then I caved and had a glad of white wine at intermission. That was my first glass of white and definitely the most sugar I've had but I didn't seem to have any negative repercussions. We decided to fix a nice dinner at home so we could splurge on the cocktails and I was thinking about your puttanesca-ish chicken from a few days ago. I did that with some shrimp and it came out really good along with some asparagus with a little preserved lemon. Thanks for the inspiration!

I've had curried chicken salad on the brain since you mentioned it, too, so I made a nice big batch for my lunches this week. I put a bunch of celery and apple in it so it's nice and crunchy. I used all of the dark meat since that's my favorite (plus my husband is not a dark meat fan) and saved the breasts for dinner tonight so I'll get some good mileage out of that chicken. I got a quart of bone broth out of it, too so that's a bonus. I had to force myself to cook this weekend and didn't cook anything but my breakfasts the weekend before so, yeah, I get those don't feel like cooking blues, too. Sometime I just want anything I didn't have to cook. I was supposed to get a pot of chili going yesterday and kept looking at that chuck roast that was looking back at me. It's still in the fridge -_-

I did make a really good green bean salad, though. 1 lb green beans (not too cooked), 12 oz cherry tomatoes, 2 T balsamic, 2 T red wine vinegar, 2 T olive oil, 1-2 minced garlic cloves, salt & pepper. Mix everything together except the green beans and let the tomatoes macerate for a little while. Add the green beans and YUM. It's supposed to have some fresh basil in it too but I forgot it the first time I made it and liked it so much that I've never bothered. If the beans are still warm when you add them, it's good like that, too.

So if you up your game, what are you thinking about doing? I'm starting to feel like I'm flailing around a bit. What I really need to do is quit making excuses and get my rear in gear! I'm doing really well with my meals but not so well at moving beyond the speed of sofa.

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