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This is my second day. I had this problem on Keto as well. I salt my food and take magnesium supplements. I woke up with muscle cramps last night.  I actually started this diet because of horrible migraines that seemed to fluctuate with blood sugar and I was having to eat ever 2 hours. My migraines are slowly getting better. I feel like the muscle cramps are blood sugar related. I ate carbs with every meal. Before bed I had a handful of berries, sugar snap peas, an avacado, and 3 eggs. I am kind of stumped as to how to stop the charley horses. I think I will get the engediants for the Adrenal Cocktail and try that since it includes all electrolytes but I already salt my food, take magnesium, take boron, and I had an avocado right before bed. (So, potassium) I don't know!...any ideas?

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