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Hey, I’m on day 16 of my first whole 30. I’m loving it so far. Haven’t noticed any change in body comp. but that’s fine, I did it mainly to see if it could help get my anxiety under control, and that actually seems to be working fairly well- no major issues for the past week at least so yay! I would obviously like to lose weight as well, as I am about 35 lbs overweight- as per my dr.  so now that I’ve got over the rough flu and super draggy feeling, I’m starting to excersize more. I’m still somewhat struggling with energy. I know I’m probably not eating enough but I’m just not hungry. This is weird for me as I love my food.

I know you’re not supposed to track calories and I didn’t for the first two weeks but when the tired feeling didn’t go away I broke down and tracked for a few days and I’m averaging 900 calories.

typically I eat an egg or two for breakfast with dab of ghee and a cup of earl grey tea black

or a banana and a few nuts if I sleep in...

lunch I eat left overs from supper- yest it was a portion of pork tenderloin and a green salad with 1/4 avocado, cherry Toms, whole 30 mayo (1 tbs) and a 1/2 cup sweet potato. Herb tea black.


or a whole cucumber, portion chicken breast, 3/4 cup mashed turnip and carrot with ghee


supper- ground beef 1 portion 10 dried plaintain chips, lettuce, cherry Toms, 1/2 avocado, garlic, 1 tb whole 30 mayo, red peppers. I got 1/2 way thru my protein salad and was so full I couldn’t finish.


Or- 1-2 cup chicken curry with butternut squash and coconut milk


or 1/2 stuffed eggplant with chicken, sun dried Toms onions and garlic sautéed with olive oil 


How do I eat more? 


i drink lots of water- plain water and sparkling water and herb tea. I feel like without gum, I need something to sip on as my mouth gets dry  


only things I’m really missing are gum, cheese and wine  



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For me, what turned around my lack of energy issue was realizing that I needed more healthy fats with each meal, as I was getting little to none beyond cooking with olive and coconut oils.  Fortunately I realized this at day 4.  I use some combination of avocado, almonds, olives and coconut flakes with my fruit.  I also add a LARGE handful of kale or other dark greens to the pan as I cook eggs and an animal protein.  Now I don't have to snack between meals anymore.

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If tracking and seeing you're typically eating 900 calories didn't tell you that you're not eating enough, then I'll say it: you're not eating enough. 

Make a point to wake up in time for breakfast. If you eating eggs, it should be as many as you can hold in your palm without dropping them. Then veggies and fat. Start with getting a proper breakfast and then see how you're feeling. 

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