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Whole30 Day 1: December 27th


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Kicking off a Whole30 today..anyone else? I'm on vacation from work until 1/2/13 and figured it's better to get things going now than wait until the stress of work kicks back in. During prior Whole30s (never which have been completed) I find I "withdraw" from the carbs and sugar in the first week and feel miserable, so at least if I start today, I can get through most of that before returning to work. My biggest reason for wanting to do this is overall health and by biggest motivator is my ever increasing weight. Over the past few months I've been eating poorly and my pants aren't fitting like I want....I don't want to buy new pants!!! So this morning I weighed in at 177.8. It's just a number and lose or not, I'm more focused on my pants ;)

So here's to Day ONE.

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@jchamb26: I hope you're still this encouraging on day 19 :P

I'm ending my day...Day 1.

B: black coffee 3 eggs and sugar free bacon (yay US Wellness meats)- I hadn't planned to start today until last night, so I had no fresh veggies to add.

L: large garden salad with plain roasted chicken and guac

D: salmon & snap peas drizzled w/ evoo

Also had about 8 macadamia nuts, 12 oz kombucha, fermented cod liver oil, vitamin D, natural calm

I'm about to turn in for the night, do some reading and hopefully get to sleep early. I slept really poorly last night so I'm hoping things go better. I didn't do much today and am going to bed with a groggy head and sore throat. Chicken soup might be on the menu tomorrow.

Bring on Day 2!!

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Day 2 re-cap: Today was rough. I spent most of the day feeling tired and flu-like, which I've experienced before when starting a Whole 30....usually it take a couple more days, but I think my Day 2 "carb flu" is the result of my seriously poor eating and excessive sugar intake over the last few weeks. I spent a lot of the day resting, reading, eating soup and tea. I napped off an on for much of the afternoon and got up feeling much better (although it's 8pm now and I think I might be ready to call it a night). I think my husband was frustrated with me for not wanting to do anything all day- we're both off from work. I have hopes that I feel better tomorrow and we can get out and enjoy at least the morning before the snow starts.

My meals:

B: 3 eggs and a sausage patty scrambled with tomato, black coffee

L: tons of chicken soup (left over roasted chicken, homemade broth, celery & carrots)- I was very thankful for my homemade broth I had in the freezer and for my hubby who got me celery and carrots this AM.

D: I was planning on eating more soup, but woke up in the mood for shrimp tacos- shrimp with spices, on top of a ton of cabbage mixed with guac and lime juice wrapped into a Pure Wrap.

I also had a glass of kombucha, cod liver oil, Yogi throat comfort tea, seltzer with lime juice, vitamin C and Natural Calm (or about to before bed)

2 down, 28 to go :o)

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Day 3:

I slept so much better last night than I have since before Christmas and woke up feeling much better than yesterday. My energy levels were definitely higher today too, although I did doze on the couch for a few minutes (hey, I am on vacation after all!)

B: 3 eggs & a sausage patty, black coffee (I need to work on getting veggies into my breakfast!)

L: left over chicken soup from yesterday

D: grass fed rib eye steak, 1/2 sweet potato roasted in coconut oil, green beans drizzled with evoo. This steak was AMAZING. I pan seared it and finished it in the oven, which I've never done before. I may never grill again. I'm also really happy that my grocery store has a nice variety of grass fed organic meat.

I also had a glass of kombucha, fermented CLO, and a bunch of macadamia nuts and raisins (my lunch should have been a bit more substantial). Will also have Natural Calm before bed.

I started keeping a journal today- since I found one from the Fall 2011 when I tried a Whole 30 (and lasted about 12 days- I was also more than 20 lbs lighter then!!!). I decided I would list one reason for doing the Whole 30 and hopefully and lifetime of Paleo eating. Today's reason- getting rid of my eczema!!

Now I have to clean the kitchen...the downside to cooking at home all the time, but's its totally worth it. I told my husband today he should fork over some of the cash he's saving not taking me out to eat ;)

3 days down....27 to go :P

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Thanks for the encouragement!!

Day 4 (12/30)

B: 3 eggs, sausage, a tomato & baby spinach

L: left over steak, green beans and 1/2 sweet pot from last night's dinner

D: broccoli salad- broccoli, shredded cabbage, diced grilled chicken, raisins and bacon mixed with salt, pepper, garlic, balsamic & evoo. This is a summer favorite, but also my husband's second request for dinner (after suggesting grilled cheese :o )

I also had fermented CLO, a glass of kombucha and about a palm full of macadamia nuts. I forgot to take Natural Calm before bed.

I didn't sleep too well from Day 3 to 4. I think in general I am just having a hard time adjusting to being on vacation (rough, I know!) because I don't stick to the very set schedule I have during the work week. I took a nap again, which I'm hoping it only because I am not keeping myself busy during the day and not because I really need it, because I can't keep napping when I go back to work on Wednesday!

My reason for doing this for Day 4: To be a better runner. I started running in June 2010, did my first 1/2 marathon that year and my first full in 2011. Fall of 2011 was when I first discovered Paleo and saw the most progress in my running. 2012 I was lazy and only did paleo off and on. I completed my first Sprint Triathlon last August, which was just okay. I'm hoping to complete this Whole 30 and really commit to a Paleo lifestyle and see some serious improvements in my overall performance. I'd like to break my 29 min 5K and my 2 hour 1/2 Marathon. B)

This morning (morning of Day 5) I woke up with a headache and sore throat....I also had a dream that I ate short bread cookies last night and for a brief moment was so upset that I broke my Whole 30....oh boy.

4 days down, 26 to go....here's to Day 5!

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im starting with my wife on january 1st. my wife is a big snacker and loves carbs. last time we went full force with no carbs and sugar she had the carbflu lol. headaches and body aches. we have been slowly stepping into paleo and i hope this month goes a lot easier then the last time.

you are doing great. keep up with the great log and stay true to yourself. good luck.

I love cookies!!!! i hate those dreams were they are so real you wake up with crumbs on your face. or was that a dream? ut oh...

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@jstepikura: That's awesome that you and your wife are comitted together! It's always nice to have someone in your own home who backs you up. My husband doesn't eat paleo when he's out of the house, but he doesn't complain about my meals and supports me in my efforts. Best of luck to both of you, 2013 will be a good year!

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Day 5 & New Year's Eve!

B: 3 eggs, tomato, sausage and black coffee

L: left over broccoli salad from yesterday

D: Dinner was stretched out over the night since it was NYE and I went a little overboard (but stayed on track): guacamole deviled eggs (ate a whole egg), crab stuffed mushrooms (2), shrimp, and the main course- crab stuffed salmon & green beans.

I also enjoyed some kombucha, CLO, pistachios, and the finale strawberries with sparkling water at midnight.

I ate more than I usually would, but I also stayed up a lot later than I usually would. I had a really bad headache throughout most of the day and took tylenol for that.

My reason for doing the Whole 30 today: To be a better version of me in 2013.

So many people are starting their journey today (1/1/3) which is SO exciting. Best of luck to all of you!!

For me, it's day 6 today and back to my routine and work tomorrow. Hubby and I are going to the gym today because it's his New Year's resolution and I'm so excited to have someone to work out with.

5 days down, 25 to go!

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Happy New Year & welcome to everyone who started today!

Day 6 for me. It's still early, but wanted to make sure I got my log on here before bed...I'm also hoping to get to bed early since it's back to work for me tomorrow after a luxurious 11 days off.

B: 3 eggs & sausage, black coffee

L: Broccoli salad....I think that's the end of that one, I made way too much the other day!

D: Roast beef & brussel sprouts w/ bacon sauteed in bacon fat. As I was putting away my leftovers I found a head of cauliflower in my fridge- I had planned to make mash when I planned today's meal...oh well! We will be eating the roast beef for a while. My husband was sick today so he didn't eat it, so likely we'll be having the same meal tomorrow night....less cooking for me :)

I also had kombucha and a few pistachios. I'll have some natural calm before bed.

I also ran two miles today. It was nice to get back into doing something active. My sister and I are are planning to do a 5K together in Feb, so today was a nice start.

My reason for doing the Whole 30 today: to be the healthiest person I can this year.

Overall today was good. I'm anxious about going back to work tomorrow, mostly about getting up early. Generally when this happens, I don't sleep very well. I guess we'll see!

Day 6 down, 24 to go!

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Ive been logging all my meals on facebook and IG, maybe I should do it in my thread here... Keep it up girlie! :)

I think as long as you're logging....who cares!! Keep it up...one week down!!

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Day 7...hard to believe I've got 1 week in the bag already!!

B: 3 eggs & sausage....still not doing well with the veggies in the morning thing.

L: roast beef & a garden salad with homemade italian dressing

D: roast beef, mashed cauli & brussel sprouts with bacon

Other: CLO, kombucha, hard boiled egg, macadamia nuts & 3 strawberries.

The egg, nuts, and strawberries were extras I brought to work today just in case I got hungry. I didn't want to head for the vending machine!! I'm not sure if I would have needed something to eat if I didn't have them with me. Overall it was a pretty good day. I'm tired, I had a hard time falling asleep last night and was up earlier than I have been in over a week. I'm excited to get to sleep early tonight and get back into my normal schedule. I did a brief workout this morning- KB swings, squats, lunges, push-ups & sit ups. It feels nice to be moving again after my lazy December.

Tomorrow we're celebrating Christmas with my in-laws, which means dinner out (which might be more successful than eating my MIL's cooking :P ) I'm nervous, it's a new restaurant and they don't have a published menu so I'll have to wing it when I get there. I'm hoping for a simple steak and plain veggies. If all else fails....we still have plenty of roast beef leftover!

7 days down...23 to go!

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Yikes! My long was buried on page 4....so happy to see so many people have started and are keeping on here with logs. It's fun to see what other people are eating.

Day 8:

B: 3 eggs, sausage

L: left over roast beef over mashed cauli....and hopefully that's the end of the roast beef!

D: This was out, at a restaurant :blink: because our Christmas dinner with my inlaws had to be rescheduled from last week. I got seared scallops and asparagus. There was a balsamic drizzle over the plate. It was tasty and I'm fairly confident I kept it compliant...but like everyone says, I didn't cook it myself so you never know. I might be doing a whole 38...we shall see.

I also had kimbucha, CLO, and macadamia nuts....as usual.

My huband got this awesome mac and cheese. The restaurant was a southern comfort style, so most everything was fried and cooked in a heavy cream....so many delicious looking options, but so so so bad.

So my day yesterday wasn't so great. I woke up with a headache, felt drowsy all day, almost like the feeling you get before you get a really bad cold. I had a headache again by the time I left work. I took tylenol twice, and I pretty much never take tylenol. I slept okay the night before, about 8 hours in bed, probably 7.5 actually asleep. I'm hoping I'm just going through carbflu.

I'm happy I've got 8 days under my belt. My MIL gave my "Practical Paleo"- the cookbook for Christmas...which I kinda wished she had read before wrapping it. I've been trying to get her to join the Paleo bandwagon for a while, but she's not convinced. I leant her Loren Cordain's book, but I don't think she's read it. Oh well....

8 days down, 22 to go!

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^ HAHA at least you attempted it at a restaurant, I went out with some friends the other night and sat there with my water eating nothing because I was too scared to order! LOL!!!! I think im just going to start telling restaurants I have a gluten and soy allergy to stay as compliant as possible on the go.

Let's kick Day 9's arse ;)

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^ HAHA at least you attempted it at a restaurant, I went out with some friends the other night and sat there with my water eating nothing because I was too scared to order! LOL!!!! I think im just going to start telling restaurants I have a gluten and soy allergy to stay as compliant as possible on the go.

Let's kick Day 9's arse ;)

Thanks! I wouldn't have attempted the restaurant if it wasn't mandatory. There's no disappointing the in-laws!!

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Day 9...now that I'm back at work...these days are going quicker!

B: 3 eggs & sausage, cooked with a little extra bacon fat because I was using my new cast iron skillet :D :D :D I also had black coffee blended with coconut oil & cinnamon. Not quite as good as the bulletproof coffee I used to make....I might make some ghee this weekend. Adding the extra fat in the morning helped me get until 1pm before I wanted to eat lunch.

L: This was an odd meal because I didn't have any leftovers....tuna mixed with this, and a cucumber.

I ate a hard boiled egg and macadamia nuts around 4:30.

D: coconut chicken & broccoli

I should have gotten more veggies in today...I was a tad light. I also had the usual kombucha & CLO.

I had a nasty nasty headache when I woke up this morning and felt really groggy (just like yesterday) most of the morning but by lunch I was feeling much better.

Hard to believe I'll be in double digit days tomorrow!!

9 days down....21 to go!

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