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Starting today December 6, 2017!


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Hi everyone! 

My name is Paula Harriman, I’m a mother of 3 grandma of 2.  52 years old, trying to stay young and healthy !

I preordered Whole 30 Day by Day and it arrived yesterday so I’m starting today!

I debated over waiting until after Christmas or just starting now, I decided to start now and plan for the best over the holidays.

Im also a vegetarian (lacto ovo) so any advice/ support is greatly appreciated!

Thanks and Happy Holidays to all 

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I will start tomorrow. My first time doing the whole 30 and i hope i will last all 30 days.

Ive spent the entire day shopping and doing food prep to get a good start.

I live in Sweden and never heard anyone talking about whole 30 here so i hope this is a good forum for ideas and support.

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Congratulations to you both, and good for both of you not waiting until after the holidays! My first Whole30 will end next Tuesday, the 12th, and I plan to start up again sometime between 12/28 and 1/5. I initially started in order to get my blood sugar numbers under better control (type II diabetic), but the other benefits have been incredible, including practically effortless weight loss.

Planning is indeed the key - the couple of days/meals where I've "winged it" have been the least satisfying as far as not being hungry between meals. The first week was difficult because of the amount of cooking needed - I'm single, and for a long time have been used to picking up breakfast, and often dinner, rather than cooking. I'm a great cook, when I cook, lol. After the first week of adjustment, though, you get much more efficient in the kitchen.

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