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Day 19 and struggling with cycling


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Hello, I'm wondering if perhaps there is anything I can/should be doing differently. I bike commute my children to school in a Dutch bike (it's heavy) and it's 1 hour and 20 minutes round-trip twice a day if I go slow (I just can't cycle fast on Whole30). I feel fabulous on days when I don't cycle or cycle minimally around town. However, the twice a day commute is rough - I have extreme muscle fatigue and feel incredibly tired with a very foggy head the morning after a twice a day school drop off/pick up. Would a banana mid-way the commute help? Just not sure what I should do differently. The extra meals are getting really old but I know they're necessary. 

Typical meal (portion sizes for protein are palm sized). 

Breakfast and pre-workout meal: 3 eggs scrambled; sweet potato/parsnip/onion/apple hash; coconut milk in coffee as fat

Post-workout meal:  repeat breakfast minus the coffee; add avocado 

Lunch:  pork loin, sauteed kale/onion salad, handful of almond

pre-workout snack: hard-boiled egg and 1/2 avocado

post-workout meal: tuna, dill and potato salad with homemade mayo

Dinner: chicken coconut curry with green beans

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Okay so you're probably not having enough fat with breakfast unless you're having a coconut milk latte... a splash of coconut milk in coffee is not sufficient for your fat source.

Second, post workout is meant to be lean protein and starchy carbs so I would take out that avocado and the egg yolks and see about maybe some chicken and sweet potato or something that matches lean protein and starchy carbs.

It honestly looks like you're not eating enough to me based on your activity altho it's hard to tell because you don't give portions. I would suggest eating more on days that you're bike commuting and in general make sure that your meals are matching the template and consider eating to the upside of the template for a few days to see how that goes.

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