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Sam's Post-Whole30 Log


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This is my log to keep track of what I eat now that I am done with Whole30. 

I haven't exactly got a plan yet because I am waiting for some bronchitis I have to clear up, but I will be posting about my reintroductions and my own customized Whole30. 

My log will have a 1 day delay, so everything is just what I had yesterday. 

Breakfast - 2 baby sausage links, 1 egg, hasbrowns

Snack - 1 chocolate chip cookie ***Gluten, milk***

Lunch - 2 all-beef hot dogs, broccoli and an orange 

Dinner - banana 

Yesterday, after I was picking up some medicine, I turned my few month old car into a poll and created a huge dent in the passenger door. Ugly crying ensued. The rest of the night I was so blue. A coworker gave me some delicious homemade cookies. I thought, hey I already had 1 of these today, why not one more because I am so sad and angry about my car. 

I have a mantra I learned after reading this article: The Amazing Power of 'I Don't' vs. 'I Can't'  I do not eat sweets to comfort myself. It really is empowering to just change that one word, from I can't to I don't. 

So I self-soothed by watching TV and chilling with my dog. My car is still dented but at least I am taking care of some unhealthy emotional eating along the way. 

This morning I did notice a blemish on my cheek that wasn't there, so the gluten or milk in the cookie may have been the root of that. But I am honestly not sure. I will probably avoid eating gluten/milk/etc until I feel less sick. 

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