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100 Crazy Days


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I'm getting ready to kick off 100 days, and I'm joining the group that is starting Jan 1, but I also know that my logs are helpful for me, so I'm going to do my own log too.

In prep for starting, I'm going to assess the freezers, fridge, and cabinets. It also helps me to take inventory. I just like to be organized, and it makes me more successful when I am.

I'm also going to start working on purchasing things in bulk online and through a coop catalog that I used to order from. There is a minimum order, but if I get a couple of friends together, it might still make sense. I purchase as much meat as possible from local farms. Sometimes this is cost prohibitive, and when that is the case I simply purchase the best meat I can and let it go. This year one of my goals is to purchase a large quantity of grass fed beef and pastured pork at once to help manage my food budget.

I'm off to inventory the kitchen, I'll be back!

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Freezer inventory is done, as is the pantry. Not as much as I would have thought in there, so it means doing a serious stock up in the next week. Also seems to be time for a trader joes run. I don't do this very often as there isn't one near my house. But I'm out of some nuts and most of my fish and seafood items. I also have no ground meats at all.

Since I do a lot of baking for Christmas, I seem to have plenty of horrifying things like brown sugar and crisco. Icky.

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It took me almost 3 weeks to do a full 'compliant clean out' I started with the cupboards and chucked the expired stuff, made a bag to give away to friends and I read tons of labels only to be horrified by what was in a lot of things (propoleyne gycol on shredded coconut?? soy in EVERYTHING!!) I used to bake a ton so I have all the non-compliant things that I put in a low cabinet that we never use and it is my "conventional baking cupboard". Then I tackled the fridge and finally the deep freeze. I gave away about 8 huge grocery bags full of food when all was said and done.

My necessities are:

- raw almonds (most for my kids, nuts and me are no bueno)

- raisins (for the kiddos)

- pumpkin seeds for me

- extra light olive oil

- Braggs raw apple cider vinegar

- medjool dates

- stone ground organic mustard

- coconut aminos

- tomato paste

- - compliant tuna...luckily in Canada it's easy to find soy free stuff

- himalayan pink salt

- extra virgin coconut oil

- garlic powderr

- balsamic

- many compliant teas

Plus vegetables and loads and loads of meat

Good for you for getting prepared!

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Ma'am, your list looks a lot like mine... Except mine includes coconut milk. I use lots of the stuff.

I still haven't been shopping, but I've stayed reasonably compliant considering I haven't officially started yet. I had a glass of wine last night when we went out to dinner for my daughters birthday, but I stayed compliant with everything else. We have a fantastic Brazilian steakhouse in town that is meat and veges galore. I could eat out there and stay compliant, although I'd need to check what they sauté their veges in.

I'm going to finally go shopping today. And I bought ISWF several months ago, but I keep loaning it out and so I think I'll just buy it on my kindle so I have it. And I'm going to buy well fed for my kindle as well. Especially since they have an ipad app now so I can use it on both, I use my iPad for all of my kitchen related activities :)

Today I'm going to make meatloaf and some kind of ground turkey meatballs. And salad dressing and mayo. And a bunch of stuff for a huge salad, I've been slacking on having a salad all made in the fridge these days.

And I haven't been drinking kombucha and my gut knows this. I'll start adding it back in today.

I ran out of veges before meat in between shopping trips this time, so ill have to make sure I have extras in the freezer.

Also, I haven't found a good source of beef bones, so I need to work on that.

Beyond food prep....

This morning I'm making sure my house is clean and my laundry is done. My clothes will be ready for the week, hung so they are ready to just pull out of the closet. This will help immensely with my morning routine and sets me up for success early in the day. It's amazing how my whole day can get off track when I can find a shoe at 5 am.

I'll put my journal in my bag and carry it with me for the next 90 days.

I'll pack my gym bag and leave it in my car in case I am able to get into the gym at work this week. If I have my bag, I'm prepared. Even if its just to go for a walk outside. My work schedule is tough, but I'd like to make it to the gym at least twice during the work week. I also will get up and use the spin bike I have at home, for at least 20 minutes every morning. But this is mostly to manage my fibromyalgia and not for significant exercise. I definitely need to do something in addition.

Ok, time to work on cleaning the house.

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Great prep work! I have cleaned out the cupboards (and was surprised at how much 'extra' is included in items I would use in cooking). I will need to do my food prep on Tuesday but meal plan is good to go. Having ISWF on the Kindle is great, and Well Fed on iBooks and in Dropbox is also really useful. I plan on keeping my journal on Journal for Evernote as I will find it easier to keep it up to date if it is accessible on my iPhone and iPad. Good luck!

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I would agree, having access to ISWF and my cookbooks/ recipes on my iPad, iPhone and kindle is really valuable. Helps me stay organized and keeps everything at my fingertips.

I was supposed to do the shopping and most of the cooking on Sunday. But I did a little cleaning, was exhausted, and went back to bed. It's all about listening to your body and what it needs, right? So I slept for a couple of hours, went shopping, and came home and made dinner and not much else. I got the bones roasted and into the stock pot and they cooked all day Monday while I was at work. Today will be cooking and prepping as many things as I can. I did prep all the veges when I got home on Sunday from shopping. So we have a big salad container with tons of cut veges in it. And a container of spinach and one of greens. I also found organic spinach on sale and with one of those dollar off coupons on it, so I bought 6 big containers of baby spinach and brought them home and put them in freezer bags. I'm assuming this will work just as well as buying frozen spinach and it was a good deal for organic. I also found a good deal on organic grass fed beef for 3.99 a pound. I made an Asian beef dish with some of it and a package of broccoli slaw that was really good. I don't care for broccoli slaw raw but in a cooked dish it was nice. A bit crunchy but sort of noodle like.

Agenda for today

Freeze cooled bone broth

Pulled pork in crockpot

Kale steamed in the crockpot ( I like the kale cooked until tender, we will see how this works)


BBQ sauce


Salad dressing

Turkey something or other meatballs or sausage. I have 2.5 pounds of ground turkey that will become some sort of tasty chunk of meat

Hard boiled eggs

Frittata of some sort

Rice and freeze cauliflower

Peel, bake, and freeze eggplant

Julienne some zucchini to see how it freezes.

New Year's Day dinner will be some nice rib eyes and something with the shrimp from last nights feast. I also bought salmon and tuna that will get grilled when I do the steaks. We will probably add some grilled veges and a big salad to this.

I also need to make banana bread for the rest of my family. I'll do this today so I'm not cooking it this weekend and being tempted on day 4 of my whole 100.

Whew, I should get moving!

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Ok, so today didn't go exactly according to plan.., but I accomplished a lot....

Breakfast was eggs and sweet potatoes and spinach. Then I got going on cooking, chopping, and prepping.

This is what I ended up doing.

Bone broth wasn't to my liking, I put it back on the burner for the day. This took up valuable stovetop space, but I worked around it. Broth is now done and jarred and cooling in the fridge.

Made a veal porridge inspired by janette. It was ground veal, some sweet potatoes, diced apples, spinach, cinnamon, allspice, and cardamom. I'll eat this as janette did, with some coconut milk and maybe a little additional raw diced apple.

Sauted zucchini and onions

Roasted a spaghetti squash and a few sweet potatoes. Spaghetti squash is frozen, I want to see how it holds up.

2 heads of cauliflower riced and frozen

Kale steamed in the crockpot, with coconut milk added at the end and then topped with pomegranate seeds. This worked pretty well in the crockpot.

Pork butt in the other crockpot. I forgot to plug it in initially, so it isn't done yet.

Double batch of mayo done

Spicy turkey sliders, cooked in the oven then ill sear outside quickly when we are ready to eat them.

Hard boiled eggs

I think that's it...

Then I made steaks for dinner, which we had with the zucchini and sweet potatoes.

The best part for me is that I have a totally clean kitchen right now which usually doesn't happen. I don't have a dishwasher and that was a lot of dishes to do. But it feels good to have it all done, and I feel like I'm prepped for a few days between what I did today and the salad and raw vege prep I did on Sunday.

I also got a little shopping done, and found some good deals on coconut oil.

Now I'm enjoying my final glass of wine.... And heading to bed to embark on a whole 100 tomorrow!

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Day 1:

Its been a long day and I'm tired, I'm logging and going to bed. I ate a lot today, but stayed on plan and feel good about that. I was tired all day, I attribute this to a different breakfast. We will see what happens tomorrow.

Meal 1: 5am egg, sardine, 4 blackberries

Meal 2: 730 meat porridge, coconut milk

Meal 3: 1130 salad with shrimp and Asian type dressing I threw together

Snack: 1pm larabar

Meal 4: 330 Asian beef and broccoli slaw

Meal 5: 7pm tuna steak on a salad with mustard dressing and a slice of avocado

I drank lots of water, only half a cup of coffee, and lots of herbal tea and seltzer water.

Nighty night

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Haven't logged in a couple of days, mostly because its been busy at night and I fall into bed. But I've stayed compliant, even with a whole plate of fudge for my co-workers on my desk. I was slightly tempted by ice cream last night, but fried myself a plantain instead. It was fairly green and might have been good sliced thin as a savory side, it was more like a French fry. I ate 2 and since it didn't appeal to me I didn't eat it and had a cup of tea.

My food, as clearly as I can remember.

Day 2:

early morning mini meal: coffee w. coconut milk, HB egg, sardine, blackberries

Meal 1: porridge w. coconut milk

Meal 2: tuna steak salad

Handful of nuts around 4

Didn't eat much for meal 3, had to pick up my daughter at the airport and came home late. Made deviled eggs, ate 1. And a banana

Day 3:

Early morning mini meal: same as yesterday.

Meal 1: porridge w. coconut milk, banana

Meal 2: BA salad with salmon and homemade mayo and mustard dressing

Meal 3: turkey sliders and zucchini and fried sweet potato rounds.

I need to develop lots of good habits over the next 100 days. One of them is the way I approach today or this week. I'm prone to wanting things my way, and being irritated when my expectations aren't met. I forget how to love, to laugh, to experience the day and seize the moment. I'm working very hard at changing this. So my log will include more than just food, and will make me more transparent than I'd like to be.

My happy place: in the movie Hook, Robin Williams character is Peter Pan and he needs to find his happy place, and think happy thoughts, in order to fly and save his children. I will add a happy place thought every day, either present(something I'm actually doing that day) or not present( something that makes me happy to think about). I think this is sort of like what some of you have adopted as gratitudes on your logs.

Today's happy place: my daughter in law and granddaughters have arrived from Colorado for a visit for the next couple of weeks. I'm going to thoroughly enjoy every moment of their presence! These babies are truly my ultimate happy place.

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I need to develop lots of good habits over the next 100 days. One of them is the way I approach today or this week. I'm prone to wanting things my way, and being irritated when my expectations aren't met. I forget how to love, to laugh, to experience the day and seize the moment. I'm working very hard at changing this. So my log will include more than just food, and will make me more transparent than I'd like to be.

I'll look fwd to getting you know you better :)

I saw a nice idea on pinterest, get a (big I'd hope) jar and everytime you have a special experience/moment etc write it down, date it, fold it up and pop it in the jar. The next New Years Eve open the jar, spill it out & take a trip down pleasant memory lane :)

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I've seen that too:) we used to do something similar when my kids were little at thanksgiving. All year we would put notes in there saying what we were thankful for. And then we'd open them all on thanksgiving. It was fun and a good reminder of our blessings in life.

I am on day 9. I haven't logged here for several days, again, because my grandkids have been here and I've been crazy busy. I have stayed compliant, which was very very challenging last weekend. We had parties and tons of food around and the lack of alcohol was killing me. I'm feeling a bit that way tonight as well. It's not so much a craving as it is a battle within my head of whether I feel like the tradeoff is worth it. 100 days is a really long time. But until I can tell myself I don't need the 100 clean days, I'm going to stick with it.

I've eaten clean all week, mostly from the foods listed above that I prepared last weekend. We had enough food for the week and I didn't feel stressed or crazy about any of it. I've gotten a good amount of sleep and stayed on a general good schedule all week, which can be a battle for me. I did go get compliant vitamin d, the first few days I didn't have any. I need to take this every day.

I need to drink more water.

I need to eat greens with at least 2 meals.

I need to eat 3 meals a day. I've skipped too many meals this week.

My happy place: the totally fantastic man that shares my life with me. I am blessed with a partner that loves me no matter what, makes me laugh, supports me in every way, and always thinks of me before himself. He's the picture of unconditional love. And he eats green stuff in every meal with no complaints.

I'm going to go do some catching up on the boards!

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Well, it won't be 100 days.... I've not been compliant for the last couple of days. Having the grandkids takes priority over 100 percent compliance. I'm happy I've been able to make conscious decisions about what is worth it and what isn't.

I do feel like I have a healthier relationship with food every day, I rarely eat mindlessly, even when I am not compliant. I'll do my best to eat as cleanly as possible each day, while allowing myself to enjoy my family being here and the traditions I've established with them. In 2 weeks they will be back in Colorado and I will jump back to 100% compliance.

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