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Inaugural Whole30 starting January 8,2018


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I've never been a part of a forum, so this is new. So is Whole30.

I'm a planner. Therefore, I have my meal plans worked out for the 30 days, starting January 8. I've sampled recipes so I know what I like, and since I'm only cooking for one, my preferences are all that matter. Boy, that sounded conceited, sorry.

 I'm traveling after the holidays or I would start on January 1 with so many others. Not going far, but I didn't want to be just starting and already concerned with eating out and away from home.

Anyway, any other solo January 8-ers out there?

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Hi Kelly! 
I'm starting January 8 as well. I have a party on Jan 6 at my house, and I don't want to miss out on my own goodies! 

This would be my third Whole30, the first was last January, and the second in May. Both were great! I tried to start a third one around September but life was caotic at the time and couldn't keep up. 

So, this brings us to now. Let's do this.


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