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Still Going After Day 30


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Well, I had hoped to have more to my "success" story. I lost ZERO pounds (and I could stand to lose 30-40), and my eczema hasn't changed particularly. I am sleeping somewhat better, and my energy is better, but I can't say I ever experienced the Tiger Blood feeling.

I had seen posts where people were staying on Whole 30 well beyond the first 30 days, and I had read about situations where this might be beneficial. At the beginning I thought, "Why would I do this even longer, when I could quit?" But now I understand! It's not a diet. It's a change in lifestyle. I like not being hungry between meals, and I think my long-term chronic sinus infection is finally getting better (I gave up on antibiotics at least 10 years ago since they never helped), so I'm going to keep going for an indeterminate period of time and see if I can't shake the sinuses completely loose. I have no idea if it's the sugar, the grains, the dairy, or what that's been clogging them, so I'm afraid to reintroduce anything yet!

I had hoped for amazing weight loss, no eczema, and beautiful skin. Not yet. But this is totally healthy, and I'm not starving and dying to get to the end so I can EAT SOMETHING, so I'll keep going! I hope to have a better success story in perhaps another month!

Oh, yeah, the holidays. Honestly, for me it was no problem. On Thanksgiving I had the turkey, undressed salad, and olives. Since the cravings were non-existent, it was easy to pass on the pies! And I can have oily food on Hannukah :).

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